Internship Diary – ellie coldiron

In almost every PRSSA meeting, there seems to be one common tip the speakers give us – Bobcats love helping Bobcats. I kept this in the back of my mind but never thought I would act on it. Then, as I was applying for internships last winter, I was inspired to act on this advice and message a Bobcat alum on LinkedIn. 

I was so excited when she messaged me back. Unfortunately, she said she didn’t think her company was taking interns this summer. Fast forward a few months and I have another message from her, saying her team would like to set up an interview if I was still interested. I got the job offer and counted down the days until my start date. 

This week is my 4th week at Phi Delta Theta Fraternity as a Communications and Media Relations Intern and I have honestly never been happier. 

My weekly duties are split up between working for the Fraternity and the Foundation. I do a lot of content creation for both and am working on a huge campaign for the 175th anniversary.  For the Foundation, I am also working on a scholarship plan and a campaign for Phi Delta Theta’s Giving Day. I even got to design stickers that are being printed for a conference in July that will have over 1000 attendees. Every day I have a different project to work on, and it is a super fast paced environment most of the time. I love my role because of how much I’m learning and the amount of hands-on experience I’m gaining. 

So far, the best thing about working for Phi Delt has been the culture of the company. My first day included a donut party and going to my favorite Mexican restaurant with my team. My first week was nonstop meetings because everyone wanted to make sure I understood their position and knew I had their support. There was also a philanthropy event during my first week for Lou Gehrig Day, which included a tour of the Reds Hall of Fame and Museum and watching a game with the whole company after. 

I was so nervous to start my first full-time job because I was worried about being overwhelmed, overworked, and underqualified. I was afraid of not having any fun this summer if I was working all-day, everyday. However, this company has taught me that work-life balance is possible, and so is making real connections among your coworkers. I love getting up in the morning and making the commute to the office. I look forward to being greeted by my supervisors and starting on whatever work I have to do that day. Taking the risk to message a former Bobcat and inquire about a position that was not even created yet has proven to be one of my best decisions. I already feel so much more confident about myself and my abilities, and I will always be grateful that Phi Delt welcomed me into the GHQ family.

Ellie Coldiron is a senior majoring in communication studies at Ohio University. She serves as the Vice President of Public Relations for Scripps PRSSA and Managing Director of 1804 Communication. Connect with her on LinkedIn here and Twitter here.

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