Advice To Incoming Freshmen – Maggie Noll

Change can come with a lot of emotions such as being anxious, uneasy, scared, and even being excited. Those emotions were exactly how I felt starting my college freshman year as well as so many other college freshmen out there. This is extremely cliché to say but your college years go by so quickly, so do not take any of your experiences for granted! It is OKAY to feel those emotions. I wanted to give some simple tips/advice to any incoming freshmen because I loved when I was able to hear upperclassmen’s advice they wish they would have known during their first year of college.


Staying organized while being in college, plus being on your own, is very important. Time management tools are a great way to stay organized in a way that works best for you. Personally, I love to have a paper planner so I can mark off the assignments and tasks that I have completed. This way, I can see what is left to complete to keep myself organized in college and in life. Having a planner allows you to plan out your week and be able to see your whole week laid out. Planning out your week this way makes it easy to see what you still need to do and what you have already completed. Carefully read the syllabus provided by your professor. Mark the dates of all assignments and deadlines to plan appropriately.


Being in college can be very overwhelming and stressful. You have a lot more on your plate and it can be hard to balance everything. With that said, your mental health is so important. Finding time to just take time for self-care should be a top priority. It could be doing a facemask or watching your favorite show, just something to get your mind off everything.


It can be difficult to adapt to a new environment. This can cause you to stay in a place where you feel the most comfortable and not want to go anywhere else. While being able to stay in the place you feel the most comfortable in, it is also important to get out of your comfort zone and meet new people! The people you meet could become your best friends. While getting out of your comfort zone, just know you are not alone and so many people are doing and feeling the exact same way as you are. Try to join a club or organization (hint PRSSA), or something that interests you!


You should remember that you are in college for a reason. That reason is to learn and grow as an individual. College is to your benefit so make your experience at college work for you. This can be done by utilizing all your resources, networking with other Bobcats, and enjoying your ride as a college student.


This honestly is one of my biggest advice tips I can give. Calling those you love is very important. Stay in communication with them even if that is through a text or Facetime call. You will realize that they know you and can give you the advice you need.


You have one hundred percent heard these two words for so long and are probably rolling your eyes like I did when I heard this for the 100000 time. I soon learned that this is some great advice to always have in the back of your mind when meeting new people and being in a new environment. Being your authentic self will get you so far in life because you are bringing you to the table and you know you better than anyone else.

Maggie Noll is a junior majoring in communication studies with a minor in public relations and certificates in diversity studies and social media at Ohio University. She serves as the Vice President of Social Affairs for Scripps PRSSA. Connect with her on LinkedIn here and Twitter here

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