Finding Balance This Fall Semester – Sam Spinale

Learning how to balance all of the new obstcacles thrown at you during the fall semester is so difficult. From brand new classes, to clubs and organizations, and trying to still have personal time, there’s so many new responsibilities that you have to juggle all at once. And let’s face it, you don’t get a lot of time or preparation to learn how to handle it all.

As a junior, I’d like to say that I’ve learned how to balance fall semester pretty well, but I even get overwhelmed sometimes and have new responsibilities thrown at me every semester. But with that being said, I want to share my best tips and tricks to balancing the fall semester.

1. Prioritize yourself and your mental health.

This had to be number one on this list because one of the biggest things I’ve learned throughout my time in college is how important it is to prioritize your mental health. Having down time is so important to clear your mind. Whether you want to take a nap or read a book, take time out of your day to do something that makes you happy. Put you first.

2. Be open to change.

As someone who tends to be very type A and plan far in advance, it’s important to know that change is going to happen. It’s good to plan in advance for things, but being open to changes that happen in your personal and professional life will make experiencing those changes so much easier. I’m still in the process of learning this myself!

3. Be organized.

I know this is so cliche, but staying organized has been one of the main reasons for my success. I color coordinate my classes and immediately add something into my planner when it’s scheduled so I don’t forget it. Look ahead on your class assignments and make sure you’re not forgetting anything. I even have all of my assignments written out on a Google Sheet for the whole semester. If you need organizing tips, I would LOVE to help!

4. Focus on your schoolwork, but have fun.

Your schoolwork is so important for success, especially those classes where I’ve gained real-world experience from. But don’t forget to enjoy the whole college experience. Even now, I try to tell myself that when school is over, I want to look back and say I tried everything I could and had so much fun doing it. School is so important, but make sure to experience everything college has to offer

Sam Spinale is a senior studying journalism – strategic communication and pursuing a minor in sports management and a certificate in social media at Ohio University. She currently serves as Scripps PRSSA’s Vice President of Digital Communication. Connect with Sam on LinkedIn here and Twitter here!

One thought on “Finding Balance This Fall Semester – Sam Spinale

  1. Nice job Sam !
    Your experience will help others understand how easy it is to over-schedule yourself.
    It’s really OK to remember everyone has limits, and ‘no’ is an appropriate answer sometimes, even if it’s to your parents.

    I applaud your success in your field and your wisdom to recognize when you need some ‘you time’.

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