Getting Involved on Campus – Kenzie Zumbro

As an incoming freshman, I was bombarded with the phrases “join clubs” and “get involved.” Every student and instructor I talked to emphasized how important being active outside of the classroom is due to the experiences and opportunities that you may not get otherwise. With over five hundred student organizations on campus and multiple different areas of interest, it can be difficult knowing where to get started. If you’re seeking involvement opportunities on campus, or are feeling overwhelmed about your options, here are a few different tips to help you get started.

1. Know what you’re looking for.

Some organizations require memberships, whereas others you can come and go. They can be professional, just for fun, co-ed, or gender specific, just to name a few types. Before starting your search, think about the types of clubs that interest you, as well as what you are expecting out of the organization. Ideas of things organizations might offer include committee work, networking opportunities, and professional development. Finding something with opportunities tailored to your own specific needs will increase your possibility of success and happiness within that organization immensely.

2. Use your resources.

Finding clubs and organizations is much easier than most realize. Bobcat Connect is a great place to start your search. This directory allows all students to navigate campus involvement opportunities, as well as providing general descriptions, contact information, and upcoming events for the organizations. You can find even more information by searching for exact organizations on social media. If you are looking for something pertaining to your major or college, talk to your classmates. They may rave all about how much they love them, or they may tell you to steer clear, but either way, this is a great way to get a real, personal perspective.

3. Reach out!

The one thing about almost every organization or club is that they are always recruiting. Even those that have a recruitment period and application process want to hear from you at all times of the year. The worst thing they can tell you is to wait until their next opening. Getting onto their radar and showing initiative is a great way to start being more involved. There are so many students who feel strongly about what they are a part of and they want to share those passions with you!

Kenzie Zumbro is a freshman studying marketing in the Ohio University College of Business and pursuing an advertising and public relations minor. She is a member of the Scripps PRSSA Special Events Committee. You can connect with Kenzie on LinkedIn here.

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