Professional Development Tips – Anna Hinkle

As a college student, there are always going to be ways to improve and grow your personal professional brand. I know for most of us, having a resume and knowing exactly what to put on it is common knowledge for landing a dream job. However, there are several other ways you could be improving yourself professionally now! Luckily, I have accumulated a few that might help you later down the road in your career:

1. Get Involved!

While in college, it is so important to get involved with the hundreds of clubs our campus offers. Although being a member of a club is beneficial, being a member of exec or on board is even more beneficial. Being on the board for an organization of your interest will ultimately shape your career path as you become more accessible to these positions. The more you are involved with, the more multitasking you can take on and explain how you navigated through it. Organizations on campus can also be a great way to make life-long friends and connect you to a future career. They can also be credible ways to build competence and experience in an interview process!

2. Build Your Brand Online.

Building your own personal brand can have substantial effects once you begin adding on each accomplishment. Showcasing these accomplishments on LinkedIn, which is used among college students and employers, will allow you to network easily through connections you build. Future employers will then see how you could be the perfect fit to their company by your achievements. It can also show schools/diplomas you have gained, as well as company history, displaying everything an employer needs to know about you. Another great way to build your brand is to create a personalized website. You can easily create a website to present all the same skills, just in a more visually appealing layout!

3. Resume.

Now I know this may sound cliché but resumes really are significant when professionally growing in college. Although you have heard it over and over, building on more and more experience can most definitely create a structure for post-graduation. Once you have landing internships, gotten involved in campus organizations, and have gained certificates, include them all in your resume. You can never have too much to be proud of, so be sure to show them off! It is also important to describe those experiences with superb wording the audience will understand.

Therefore, be sure to take all of these into account while in college to help prepare yourself in the best way possible for your future. Remember, these tools were made to be used by students and faculty across the globe, so it is important to take advantage!

Anna Hinkle is a sophomore studying marketing in the College of Business at Ohio University. She currently serves as Scripps PRSSA’s Vice President of External Relations. Connect with Anna on LinkedIn here and Twitter here!

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