Meet the 2012-2013 VP of Finance

Name: Danielle Szabo                                                                                      Image

Year: Senior!

PRSSA Position: VP of Finance

Hometown: Lakewood, OH

Major: Journalism – Strategic Communications, Business Management Minor

Why you wanted to be on the executive board: The VP of Finance position will allow me to utilize my business minor skills while still being involved with PR, also great leadership experience.

How PRSSA has helped you: PRSSA has provided me with amazing networking opportunities and the chance to learn more about what exactly the public relations field entails – which is a lot!

Why you chose to attend OU: Best J-School on the planet! That and the beautiful campus, Ohio U and Athens is the quintessential college town.

PR experience: Account Associate, Executive and Current Supervisor for ImPRessions, virtual intern with Pierce Mattie Public Relations, PR Intern for WellWorks, Current Regional Programming Intern for the Office of Alumni Relations at OU.

Advice for incoming freshmen: Get involved with different activities to find out what you like and don’t like and meet as many different people. Get to know everyone you come in contact with. Have fun!

Interesting Fact: I am the only girl of my entire family – siblings, cousins and I now have two nephews!

Hobbies: Reading, running, tennis, hiking, swimming, traveling and catchin’ some sun rays.

Favorite OU memory: All of them, freshman year was definitely the best year with the best memories!

Where you see yourself in 10 years: At the age of 31, I hope to be happy with a successful career relating to PR living near the ocean with great friends and family.


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