PRSSA National Conference 2012: Fast Facts


Bridging the Gap in San Francisco, California #PRSSANC

Interested in attending PRSSA National Conference and need more details? Below you will find information regarding the conference with thoughts about attending from past and present PRSSA members.

Who: All Scripps PRSSA members are welcome to attend (Non-PRSSA members can also attend, however they have to pay an additional fee). National Conference is not solely for juniors and seniors: it’s highly recommended for underclassmen as well. There are speakers and sessions for all public relations levels.

What: PRSSA 2012 National Conference: Bridging the Gap. This year’s theme will help unite PRSSA chapters across the country.

“This year’s Conference, hosted by Sacramento State, will give students the chance to network and connect with their fellow peers and their mentors while developing a professional image through various motivating sessions and distinguished speakers. Students will thrive off the multitude of opportunities that San Francisco has to offer the public relations field.”

Where: This year we have the opportunity to see the Golden Gate Bridge and the Bay Bridge in San Francisco, California. Known as ‘The City,’ San Francisco “thrives upon its diversity, artistic values, rich history and endless opportunities.”

When: October 12-16, 2012 – Although we’ll be missing Homecoming at Ohio University, those who have attended National Conference can guarantee that this weekend will be one for the record books. Plus, California in October; who could pass that up?

Cost: The cost of the trip can be broken down by transportation, hotel, conference, food and extras. Please note: the trip in total is a little pricey; however, those interested in attending will have the opportunity to fundraise.

  • Transportation: Start researching flights today. In a quick search on 7/15/12, I found a flight through United Airlines for $352 (Oct. 12-Oct. 15). Prices may vary depending on the day, airport and airline.
  • Conference: Full registration for PRSSA members is $295, which includes professional development sessions, networking events, socials and catered events. Non-members registration is $330. If you cannot attend the full conference, you may register for a single day ($170 for PRSSA members).
  • Hotel: Rooms are $229 a night. We will have 4 to 6 people per room. (3 nights: roughly $138 per person, 4 nights: roughly $184 per person and 5 nights: roughly $229 per person)
  • Food & extras: Plan to spend anywhere between $15-25 per day for three to five days: $75-125. A continental breakfast is provided during the conference, yet lunch is not provided. As a chapter, we may venture out into the city where individuals may shop, attend a movie, get dinner, etc. Please plan accordingly.

Registration: Registration can be done online, by fax or by mail. If registering by fax, send completed forms and payment to (212) 460-5460. If registering by mail, send completed forms and payment to the PRSSA National Address.

If you are interested in attending, please email PRSSA President Allison Jordan ( so she and the rest of the PRSSA Executive Board can began organizing fundraisers. Also, please see the Facebook page set up to help attendees organize the trip!

Importance of National Conference…from current and past PRSSA members!

“Attending PRSSA National Conference is extremely beneficial to any PRSSA member. To me, it felt like an entire year of PRSSA meetings crammed into one awesome weekend. Business aside, PRSSA National Conference is an amazing tool to meet other PRSSA members from across the United States. There is a mixer held the first night o the conference. At this mixer, each chapter dresses similarly and gives away items from their college (t-shirts, pens, buttons, etc.). It is very informal and a fun way to network! Also, each PRSSA National Conference is held in a city– so, once the sessions are over it is nice to go out and explore the city!” – Bethany Scott, 2012 Scripps Graduate

“It was cool to learn about how different firms and chapters operate. A lot of the things that I have accomplished were a result of national conference. People within your chapter will be really impressed with you and the fact that you even attempted to go.” – Heather Bartman, ImPRessions CEO

“At every single conference I have made a ton of friends, and have built a strong network of professionals. National conferences are on a larger scale, all different chapters have different diversities, so we can build off each other’s ideas and make friends. We become connected on Facebook and Twitter, and on LinkedIn. I came home with a stack of business cards and pages of notes.” – Nicole Bersani, 2012 Scripps Graduate

Conference Websites: Follow these links to find out more information on the conference.

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