Meet the 2012-2013 Executive Vice President

ImageName: Samantha Tischler

Year: Senior

PRSSA Position: Executive Vice President

Hometown: Maumee, Ohio      

Major: Public Relations with a certificate in Political Communication

Why you wanted to be on the executive board: When I switched my major from online journalism to public relations, I joined PRSSA right away. I never expected it to become such a huge part of my college experience. PRSSA has helped me in more ways than one and I wanted to join the executive board so that I could give back and help others in the same way.

How PRSSA has helped you: PRSSA has opened endless doors for me. The networking opportunities have helped me focus my career direction and have even resulted in two different internships! Maybe even more importantly, PRSSA has given me a home with people who share my passion for PR and communication. I’ve met some incredibly talented people and have learned more than I ever could have by sitting in a classroom.

Why you chose to attend OU: I fell in love with OU the second I stepped on campus for a tour during my junior year of high school. Not only is it the picture-perfect college setting, but it has one of the best journalism programs in the country. Who would pass that up?!

PR experience: PR and Marketing Coordinator for the Ohio State Fair, Special Events Coordinator for University Advancement, Public Relations Assistant for the Office of Education Abroad, Scripps PRSSA Executive Vice President, ImPRessions Account Supervisor

Advice for incoming freshmen: Don’t be afraid to jump in! I know that, especially in college, it can be so intimidating to join a huge organization like PRSSA. But what will make you a great PR pro (and person in general) is not being afraid to take chances and speak up! Take advantage of the networking opportunities and get to know the people around you. Everyone in PRSSA is so welcoming and ready to talk about PR for days! Take this chance to find out what you love to do and have fun along the way!

Interesting Fact:: I studied abroad for two months in Florence, Italy and it was the time of my life!

Hobbies: Reading, thrift store shopping, hanging out with friends and watching an unhealthy amount of Food Network and HGTV

Favorite OU memory: How am I supposed to pick?! One of my favorites is probably when the basketball team beat Michigan in the NCAA Tournament. We sprinted to Court St. and had such a blast celebrating! There was so much bobcat pride that night.

Where you see yourself in 10 years: Ideally, I would like to be employed and happily married! It would be nice to start out in PR in a city like New York or Chicago, but I’d like to move somewhere more scenic (like Maine) eventually.

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