Meet Nicole Spears, the new 2013-2014 Scripps PRSSA president!

Nicole Spears, PRSSANicole Spears is a senior at Ohio University studying Strategic Communications, Business and Anthropology. Her goal as the new president for Scripps PRSSA is to boost awareness about the chapter.

“I want to get the awesome work that our members and chapter is doing recognized,” she said. To do this, Nicole is already looking forward to PRSSA National Conference in October and is planning a new fundraiser in order to give even more members the opportunity to attend. Also, Nicole can’t wait to meet the incoming freshmen and begin the 2013-2014 school year!


Hometown: Medina, Ohio

Experience with PRSSA: I joined PRSSA first thing freshman year. After experiencing the great leadership and mentorship the old executive boards offered, I knew I wanted to eventually become President. Now, I hope to further the humongous strides that Scripps PRSSA has made in the past few years and get to know each member on a personal basis

Advice for freshmen: “Let your faith be bigger than your fear,” in everything you do! Whether it means getting involved, switching your major or meeting new people. Also, lean on the upperclassmen, we can’t wait to help!

Hobbies: Social media, blogging and crafting

Favorite OU memory: This is a hard question! I’ll have to go with the night that the Scripps PRSSA Bateman team completed and turned in our final report. We were so proud of our work, forged great relationships from spending so much time together and had tons of fun celebrating

Where do you see yourself in 10 years? In ten years I will have my APR and see myself wrapping up a successful career in agency PR and taking on new opportunities

Biggest pet peeve: Let’s get honest here, I hate when people introduce themselves with “for those of you who don’t know me.” I think it makes an awful first impression to those people exactly!

PR idol:  How could I say anyone other than my predecessor, Allison Jordan! I’ve learned so much from her while also calling her one of my best friends; that’s a rare relationship to have. Her confidence and thoughtfulness make her a standout student now, and will continue to make her stand out in the professional arena. I can’t wait to see what she does and admire all that she has accomplished with Scripps PRSSA in the past year

An interesting fact about you that not many people know: I’m not related to Britney Spears

If you were an ice cream flavor, what would you be? Ben & Jerry’s New York Super Fudge Chunk. I’m all about the big city, there are many different components to my personality and I think I’m kind of super

Favorite animal? Giraffes!

Welcome Nicole as the new 2013-2014 Scripps PRSSA president! If you want to get in contact with Nicole, tweet her @_NicoleESpears.

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