Meet Nicole Spears, the new 2013-2014 Scripps PRSSA president!

Nicole Spears, PRSSANicole Spears is a senior at Ohio University studying Strategic Communications, Business and Anthropology. Her goal as the new president for Scripps PRSSA is to boost awareness about the chapter.

“I want to get the awesome work that our members and chapter is doing recognized,” she said. To do this, Nicole is already looking forward to PRSSA National Conference in October and is planning a new fundraiser in order to give even more members the opportunity to attend. Also, Nicole can’t wait to meet the incoming freshmen and begin the 2013-2014 school year!


Hometown: Medina, Ohio

Experience with PRSSA: I joined PRSSA first thing freshman year. After experiencing the great leadership and mentorship the old executive boards offered, I knew I wanted to eventually become President. Now, I hope to further the humongous strides that Scripps PRSSA has made in the past few years and get to know each member on a personal basis

Advice for freshmen: “Let your faith be bigger than your fear,” in everything you do! Whether it means getting involved, switching your major or meeting new people. Also, lean on the upperclassmen, we can’t wait to help!

Hobbies: Social media, blogging and crafting

Favorite OU memory: This is a hard question! I’ll have to go with the night that the Scripps PRSSA Bateman team completed and turned in our final report. We were so proud of our work, forged great relationships from spending so much time together and had tons of fun celebrating

Where do you see yourself in 10 years? In ten years I will have my APR and see myself wrapping up a successful career in agency PR and taking on new opportunities

Biggest pet peeve: Let’s get honest here, I hate when people introduce themselves with “for those of you who don’t know me.” I think it makes an awful first impression to those people exactly!

PR idol:  How could I say anyone other than my predecessor, Allison Jordan! I’ve learned so much from her while also calling her one of my best friends; that’s a rare relationship to have. Her confidence and thoughtfulness make her a standout student now, and will continue to make her stand out in the professional arena. I can’t wait to see what she does and admire all that she has accomplished with Scripps PRSSA in the past year

An interesting fact about you that not many people know: I’m not related to Britney Spears

If you were an ice cream flavor, what would you be? Ben & Jerry’s New York Super Fudge Chunk. I’m all about the big city, there are many different components to my personality and I think I’m kind of super

Favorite animal? Giraffes!

Welcome Nicole as the new 2013-2014 Scripps PRSSA president! If you want to get in contact with Nicole, tweet her @_NicoleESpears.

PR Newswire Meeting Recap 2.11.13

By: Allison Evans

Upcoming Events

  • Match Day is Thursday February 21 in Columbus. Registration is full, but you can email Jenny to get a spot at the networking luncheon.
  • Saturday March 16th we are hosting the Regional Conference entitled “Beyond the Basics.” Register today, the cost for dues-paying members is $25, and for non dues-paying members is $30.
  • Applications to be our National Delegate at National Conference are due on Friday. The conference will take place in Albuquerque, NM in April.

Networking Trip to New York

Secure your spot for the Networking Trip to NYC! Registration opens this Friday at 12 P.M. and the 30 spots will fill up quickly. Email Dues-paying members will receive priority.

We were delighted to be joined by two knowledgeable and savvy PR pros from the PR Newswire Association! Recent Ohio University graduate Amanda Stefanik, who works as an Inside New Business Development Representative, and Jenni Rumer, a Customer Content Services Manager were the guest speakers at tonight’s chapter meeting. Together they shared the user-benefits of PR Newswire and the products it has to offer, and inside tips on how the internship and job process works at their company!

Founded in 1954, PR Newswire is the “leading global provider of innovative communications solutions and marketing services that enable organizations to optimize, connect, and engage with their target audiences across all traditional, digital, social and mobile channels world-wide.”

PR Newswire offers a number of services and products to enhance the timeliness and effectiveness of media releases, which ensures maximum SEO (search engine optimization).  Amanda Stefanik elaborated on some of these terms, including “sending over the wire” which means a satellite blast of news releases, sending them to assignment desks in newsrooms.

“With the PR Newswire name attached to the release it is more likely to get picked up as it comes over the wire,” Stefanik said.

Products also track and analyze the results of the content released saving professionals countless hours by acting as the middleman between themselves and media outlets.

“You want to make your boss look REALLY good, and one way to do that is by tracking your success,” Rumer said.

Rumer also passed along the advice to ad multimedia content to releases in order to gain readership. Whether they are hastags, logos, videos, photos, or downloadable files, multimedia needs to be attached in order for your release to be read.

“More multi-media=more views,” Rumer said.

PR Newswire has hired a number of Ohio University graduates over the passed few years, and continues to do so regularly. Amanda Stefanik shared her experience with us, explaining that a representative from PR Newswire connected with her via LinkedIn, asking if she had any interest in working with them.

“At that time, I didn’t think a sales position was for me, but he encouraged me to come to Cleveland and see what PR Newswire does. I was hesitant, but I checked it out,” she said.

Though there was a significant learning curve, Stefanik found that it met all of her personal requirements that she had for a potential career.  Daily, she works with non-profits, agencies, and corporations editing and creating press releases, ensuring that her background that she received from Ohio University is utilized.

PR Newswire also looks for interns at Ohio University that are passionate, thoughtful, diligent, eager to learn and have experience in the field! Although the internship is unpaid, the experience and knowledge gained is invaluable.

“Interns will have an educational internship, working with our many departments over the 9 week program,” Rumer said.

If interested in applying for an internship, contact Jenni Rumer at

Thank you Jenni and Amanda for your time and words of wisdom this evening!

Scripps PRSSA’s First Semester: Success!

By: Briagenn Adams, PRSSA member

Ohio University’s Scripps PRSSA has successfully survived and thrived through its first-ever semester! Hurrah!

Although the switch from quarters to semesters was a huge change for Ohio University and its students, Scripps PRSSA handled the transition as any PR superstar would – with grace and a good attitude.

This year has seen many accomplishments and much success. In October, the Scripps PRSSA executive board traveled to San Francisco to participate in the PRSSA National Conference. While there, Scripps PRSSA’s Chapter firm – ImPRessions – accepted the National Best Campaign Award from PRSSA, an honorable recognition. In addition, the Hugh M. Culbertson chapter received a Teahan Award for “Best PRSA/PRSSA Relationship.” We are very proud of our talented Bobcats!

Along with weekly meetings from 6-7 p.m. in Scripps 111, PRSSA executives and members set out to hone their grammar skills by participating in “PR Boot camp.” For five weeks, sessions were held to go over résumé building, interview etiquette, AP style, and press release format. Those who completed the workshop were awarded a certificate of accomplishment and gained new knowledge of the proper-grammar world! (It’s really not such a scary place, after all.)

Moving towards the end of October, Scripps PRSSA met with OU’s Advertising Club to carve pumpkins and sip hot chocolate in the chilly autumn air. This annual tradition is a great way for members of the two groups to come together and make new friends, all the while networking with their future coworkers.

Before Scripps PRSSA members packed up to head home for Thanksgiving, they enjoyed a delicious spread of holiday favorites with their fellow members, including turkey, green bean casserole, and macaroni and cheese! Talking, laughing, and reminiscing over shared memories, Scripps PRSSA members unanimously agreed that joining the organization was one of the best decisions they had ever made at Ohio University.

Despite the chaos of the last three weeks of school, what with final papers and looming exams, Scripps PRSSA pushed ahead and made the most of 2012. The Sunday before the last week of classes, Scripps PRSSA’s ImPRessions held an end-of-the-year holiday event where members of ImPRessions gathered in Walter Hall to hear about the progress of OU’s entirely student-run PR firm, and munch on pizza and homemade goodies. No pun intended, but all those in attendance were thoroughly impressed.

Now that Ohio University is on Winter break, so are its students. However, Scripps PRSSA never rests! Throughout the holiday season Scripps PRSSA members are staying active by blogging, tweeting, and updating the organization’s Facebook page. In addition to regular social media, Scripps PRSSA has recently created Pinterest and Instagram accounts, so definitely check them out!

Although the 2012 Fall Semester was action-packed and unforgettable, Scripps PRSSA looks forward to the 2013 school year: the New York City Networking trip in March, the COPRSA PaRtners conference that Ohio University will be hosting in the spring, and all else that has yet to come.

PRSSA National Conference 2012: Fast Facts


Bridging the Gap in San Francisco, California #PRSSANC

Interested in attending PRSSA National Conference and need more details? Below you will find information regarding the conference with thoughts about attending from past and present PRSSA members.

Who: All Scripps PRSSA members are welcome to attend (Non-PRSSA members can also attend, however they have to pay an additional fee). National Conference is not solely for juniors and seniors: it’s highly recommended for underclassmen as well. There are speakers and sessions for all public relations levels.

What: PRSSA 2012 National Conference: Bridging the Gap. This year’s theme will help unite PRSSA chapters across the country.

“This year’s Conference, hosted by Sacramento State, will give students the chance to network and connect with their fellow peers and their mentors while developing a professional image through various motivating sessions and distinguished speakers. Students will thrive off the multitude of opportunities that San Francisco has to offer the public relations field.”

Where: This year we have the opportunity to see the Golden Gate Bridge and the Bay Bridge in San Francisco, California. Known as ‘The City,’ San Francisco “thrives upon its diversity, artistic values, rich history and endless opportunities.”

When: October 12-16, 2012 – Although we’ll be missing Homecoming at Ohio University, those who have attended National Conference can guarantee that this weekend will be one for the record books. Plus, California in October; who could pass that up?

Cost: The cost of the trip can be broken down by transportation, hotel, conference, food and extras. Please note: the trip in total is a little pricey; however, those interested in attending will have the opportunity to fundraise.

  • Transportation: Start researching flights today. In a quick search on 7/15/12, I found a flight through United Airlines for $352 (Oct. 12-Oct. 15). Prices may vary depending on the day, airport and airline.
  • Conference: Full registration for PRSSA members is $295, which includes professional development sessions, networking events, socials and catered events. Non-members registration is $330. If you cannot attend the full conference, you may register for a single day ($170 for PRSSA members).
  • Hotel: Rooms are $229 a night. We will have 4 to 6 people per room. (3 nights: roughly $138 per person, 4 nights: roughly $184 per person and 5 nights: roughly $229 per person)
  • Food & extras: Plan to spend anywhere between $15-25 per day for three to five days: $75-125. A continental breakfast is provided during the conference, yet lunch is not provided. As a chapter, we may venture out into the city where individuals may shop, attend a movie, get dinner, etc. Please plan accordingly.

Registration: Registration can be done online, by fax or by mail. If registering by fax, send completed forms and payment to (212) 460-5460. If registering by mail, send completed forms and payment to the PRSSA National Address.

If you are interested in attending, please email PRSSA President Allison Jordan ( so she and the rest of the PRSSA Executive Board can began organizing fundraisers. Also, please see the Facebook page set up to help attendees organize the trip!

Importance of National Conference…from current and past PRSSA members!

“Attending PRSSA National Conference is extremely beneficial to any PRSSA member. To me, it felt like an entire year of PRSSA meetings crammed into one awesome weekend. Business aside, PRSSA National Conference is an amazing tool to meet other PRSSA members from across the United States. There is a mixer held the first night o the conference. At this mixer, each chapter dresses similarly and gives away items from their college (t-shirts, pens, buttons, etc.). It is very informal and a fun way to network! Also, each PRSSA National Conference is held in a city– so, once the sessions are over it is nice to go out and explore the city!” – Bethany Scott, 2012 Scripps Graduate

“It was cool to learn about how different firms and chapters operate. A lot of the things that I have accomplished were a result of national conference. People within your chapter will be really impressed with you and the fact that you even attempted to go.” – Heather Bartman, ImPRessions CEO

“At every single conference I have made a ton of friends, and have built a strong network of professionals. National conferences are on a larger scale, all different chapters have different diversities, so we can build off each other’s ideas and make friends. We become connected on Facebook and Twitter, and on LinkedIn. I came home with a stack of business cards and pages of notes.” – Nicole Bersani, 2012 Scripps Graduate

Conference Websites: Follow these links to find out more information on the conference.