Give a big welcome to the 2013-2014 Director of ImPRessions, Dan Mulvey!

3555_10151558068521195_245991148_nPlease welcome the 2013-2014 Director of ImPRessions, Dan Mulvey. Dan is from a 700 person village known as Ohio City, Ohio. He is a senior at Ohio University majoring in Strategic Communications with a focus in Public Relations and a business minor. Dan previously served as VP of Administration last year for ImPRessions.

Here is the inside scoop on our new leader:

What has been your experience with PRSSA? PRSSA has been a huge part of my college career and I could not sum up my experience with the organization quickly. Ever since a high school friend who happens to be a former president of our chapter, Heather Farr, brought me into the organization it has shaped me personally and professionally. I have learned tenfold more than I would have because of the organization. Also, I doubt I would have as many awesome friendships as I do

Advice for incoming freshmen? If there is one thing I have learned about college and maybe life in general it’s that people are the most important thing in your life besides maybe staying true to your own aspirations (even then it’s almost impossible without the right people.) Pay attention to who is around you, make sure you put effort into relationships and make sure they are the right people. The times I have succeeded it has been because I have been encouraged and assisted by hard working and amazing people. Inversely, when I have failed (which has been often; don’t run from failure), I haven’t had to look too far around me to see where the problem was: and sadly a lot of the time it was people that couldn’t be in my life. The right people aren’t only about doing well academically and professionally either; it’s important that you are having fun with the people around you whether it be midnight on a Friday or 6 pm on a Monday. You can’t take college too seriously even though sometimes you have to be serious. Have fun with it all because there’s nothing like it

 Hobbies? I doubt this is unusual for Journalism and Strat Comm majors but I am a huge reader. A lot of the time I will take three days out of the week and read a book each of those nights depending on how busy I am. Reading has always been a huge part of my life and led me to where I am right now, no matter how indirectly

Favorite OU memory? I hate to be cliché but there is no way I could pick one. It’s like choosing a favorite child for me. Every day, and night, in Athens is just another awesome experience even if parts of it sucked. There’s nowhere like it. Picking a favorite OU memory would force me to choose a group of people or certain people too. I could never do that. Ohio University has gifted me with some amazing friends with whom I have good times, insane times (in good and bad ways) and even bad times. Athens will always be a special place for me and leaving is going to be very difficult

Favorite place in Athens? It might be kind of strange but I would have to say the front porch of the Phi Psi house (often called the fratio, ironically by some and probably too seriously by others.) I’ve spent many hours sitting on that porch and chatting with anyone from my brothers, to friends that have come over or any passerby that I might recognize. It’s been a great place for me to sit on a sunny day or any day that doesn’t have terrible Ohio weather and just relax and enjoy where I am

Where do you see yourself in 10 years? In 10 years, I see my possibilities as endless. I am not saying I don’t have a plan because I do. It involves my own public relations firm or a large part in the marketing and public relations part in my dad’s company, which I am already doing. For me I see the market and the world changing a lot right now. I think in ten years we are entering into a whole new era because everything is changing at a rapid pace right now. I would like to be on the front side of that even though I have no clue what that might be. There are also some other aspirations of mine that I wouldn’t speak out loud for the sake of jinxing them, and their plausibility happens to be low

What is your biggest pet peeve? My older brother often mocks my problem with sounds and textures. I can’t stand ice made in a refrigerator or anything rubbing against Styrofoam. The biggest thing for me is people eating loudly. I try not to be rude about it, but I absolutely cannot stand it. If you see me somewhere with other people eating and I just pick up my food and walk away without a word it is most likely because I could not take how loudly someone was eating

What is your favorite reality show? I haven’t watched reality shows for years because I watch all my TV on the computer and never made those a priority. I don’t dislike them but also don’t care enough to watch them. I catch the occasional Storage Wars or I am definitely always willing to watch the cheesy old MTV ones like “Next” and “Parental Control” with my brothers because they’re a good laugh. However, Game of Thrones, Dexter and How I Met Your Mother are my main obsessions. My HIMYM obsession gets a little ridiculous. I even visited the bar it is based on in NYC a couple weeks ago three nights I was there. I even went as far to start trying to reserve a table at the bar for the series finale so I could watch with the cast

Who is your PR idol? I don’t follow people in the public relations world as much as others. There have been so many people I have heard speak or read about that have inspired me, though. Alan Vandermolen made a huge impression on me when I went to see him speak at OSU. He was just a very genuine guy but also very smart and forward thinking. Definitely a kind of guy I would aspire to be like someday

What is an interesting fact about you that not many people know? I was the lead singer in a jam band last year called “Dan Mulvey and the Slothronauts.” We weren’t exactly the Beatles, I’d probably fault the singer because the other two guys were actually very talented musicians, but we had a lot of fun and wrote about 15 original songs. I enjoy making up lyrics on the spot, both serious and ridiculous, but the actually singing probably wouldn’t sell any albums. I have videos of us playing if you want to see my face go red

If you were a type of pizza, what kind would you be? I’d like to keep it a little simple but with a little bit of unexpected. Probably a pepperoni and mushroom with banana peppers. That’s also my favorite combination but I think it can fit my personality

What is your favorite animal? I am the worst at favorites because it changes all the time for me. Growing up I always said monkey, but right now I’m pretty cool with tigers (most likely because I just finally read Life of Pi, though)

Make sure to give the new Director of ImPRessions, Dan Mulvey, a shout out on Twitter @DanielDMulvey and contact him with any questions.

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