#ScrippsSummerChallenge Week 3

By Briagenn Adams

If you thought last week’s #ScrippsSummerChallenge was inspiring, you were in for a sweet surprise with week three’s task: begin a personal blog.

Although fully committing to a personal blog can seem daunting, they are great PR tools. PR is all about communication, and what faster and more efficient means of communication is there besides the Internet? Personal blogs allow you to easily connect on an individual level with others while keeping your writing skills honed.

Daunting or not, we had a great pool of contributors! Whether they were just beginning a blog or simply revamping an existing account, Scripps PRSSA-ers attacked the challenge head on. (As usual.)

Here’s just a sample of our new and improved bloggers:

Mira Kuhar

Carley Berman

Kelly Hayes

Kerry Tuttle

Briagenn Adams

Jess Carnprobst 

Didn’t have time to start your own? No worries! It’s never too late to start blogging.

Stay tuned for this week’s #ScrippsSummerChallenge!

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