“I love being stressed!” said nobody, ever.

By Jess Carnprobst

ImageOne of the best things about Ohio University is the endless opportunities our school provides. I know I’m speaking for everyone when I say that it’s very easy to get involved here. Unfortunately, all the opportunities, along with schoolwork and a job, can lead to a lot of stress in your life. The good news is that there are concrete ways to eliminate stress and enjoy the warm weather that is (hopefully) on its way.

  1. Just breathe

First and foremost, remember to breathe. Nothing is actually as bad as it may seem in the moment. Sitting around and stressing is only going to make matters worse, so just breathe. Stressing too much can lead to a lack of sleep, which will increasingly lower your ability to properly perform in class, work or extracurricular activities. Exhale all of the bad energy and inhale the positive and continually remind yourself that your problems today will be gone tomorrow.

  1. Prioritize

I know it’s hard, but sometimes the work for that class you really don’t like needs to come first. Don’t spend all of your time doing work that can wait. Finish your work in order of importance, that way you are not scrambling at the end to finish something that is due the next morning. Once you’ve mastered prioritization, it will become a lot easier to start tasks ahead of time, eliminating last-minute work.

  1. Stay organized

Whether it’s making a to-do list, carrying a planner with you, keeping your calendar updated, or your own organizational trick, it is vital to stay organized. If you can’t remember what meeting you have next or what assignment you have due tomorrow, how will you ever stay on top of your work? Leading an unorganized life is just asking for stress. That doesn’t mean that without a color-coded life plan you’ll never be successful, but a simple organizational trick like a to-do list is very important. By staying organized, you will always be on top of your work.

  1. Enough is enough

You have to know when to say “no”. It’s so easy to continue taking on too many responsibilities without realizing that it’s not going to be feasible to do everything. When you’re too busy, it’s ok to say no to the next opportunity that comes along. During my experience, I’ve learned that quality is better that quantity. It’s better to give a few things your best effort than to give a lot of things a little bit of effort. At the end of the day, you will gain more experience by diving deeper into your classes and a few of your favorite organizations.

When you’re stress levels have reached the max, just keep in mind that there will always be another day full of sunshine and opportunity. Your stress will be gone in no time, and you’ll be back to feeling at ease before you know it. Just keep your chin up and remember that you’re a Bobcat, and this stress won’t last forever. 

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