What a Time to be in PR

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Society today is inevitably growing in exact correspondence to media use. Just a year’s gap has proven a monumental increase in methods of public relations. Everyone appears to have an opinion on certain advertising and marketing campaigns. People all over the world believe this media use, for the purpose of an audience, is bias. Given the facts, some is, and some is not.

Advertising or marketing can take a bad route quick. For instance, Kendall Jenner’s Pepsi commercial received great amounts of backlash from viewers who felt like it was excusing or ignoring police brutality along with trivializing the Black Lives Matter movement in order to sell sodas. With the intent of presenting global peace, a certain method can take away from good public relations. The use of celebrities can cause a drastic effect as well. Public relations requires trust. The focus must always be on the audience’s needs.

We are living in an extremely sensitive and controversial society right now. As someone in the field of public relations, it is SO important to be capable of adapting to all the new things to come in this industry. Stand out and be a trustworthy source with perception changing marketing. If you expect to receive calls from clients, your strategic campaigns must be unique. This all comes with experience. Traveling is huge factor in public relations. Start small and get your name out there. Eventually, you will get that great internship and soon after, land the job of your dreams.



Haley Mitroff is a sophomore, news and information major. Give her a shout out on Twitter @haleymit 

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