Oct. 16 Meeting Recap


Dues are due this Friday! They are $80 and you can reach out to Sara if you haven’t paid yet.

This is your last chance to sign up for the professional mentor program! Matching starts 

PR Bootcampthis week.

PR boot camp starts tomorrow the 17th and the next one will be the 24. Come learn 4000 level PR skills and get certified. 

Pumpkin carving is this Wednesday at 7:30 on the Schoonover patio. Be ready to compete against other Scripps organizations!
Coming soon… Scripps Kids swag! The link to our online store will be available shortly.

The is the last chance to sign up for the peer mentor/mentee program. Contact Alyssa to get involved.

Congratulations Cade Fleming, our blogging dues winner!

Congratulations Jess Rutkowski for also being sponsored!

Member spotlight: Rachel O’Morrow

Welcome Terra Carmichael VP of Global Corporate Communication for Eventbrite!

Key Points:

Focus on today… Do what you need to get through the day.

Studying journalism teaches you how to be a great storyteller.

If you like your company and are trying to move, you can tell your bosses and they might transfer you. Be honest with your bosses.

Give every type of PR a try!

10 things Terra wish she knew before she started:

  1. Make your bed every day- makes you want to achieve more
  2. Attitude is everything- are you being your best?
  3. Work hard and don’t expect anything from it
  4. Relationships are critical
  5. Chase the opportunity and not the money
  6. Accept that you won’t nail it every time. You will disappoint people
  7. Dance outside the lines
  8. Don’t run to meetings
  9. Be yourself
  10. Everything you post on social is an extension of your brand- be smart about what you post!


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