Jan. 29 Meeting Recap


  • Tweet along with us at #ScrippsPRSSA
  • Tuesday was our Chipotle Fundraiser!
  • Networking Trips: We will be going to Charlotte, NC and Columbus, OH. If you want to attend our Columbus trip, an intent-to-attend is due to scripps.prssa@gmail.com.
  • Blogging: Write for Scripps PRSSA! Sign up here and email Brigitte (bm179214@ohio.edu) if you have any questions.
  • Internship database: Email Sadie (sn551214@ohio.edu) with any internships you had in the past. The internship database password will be released to dues-paying members next week.
  • Dues are $80 and due Feb. 16. We now have a Venmo account!
  • Member Spotlight: @katem_ryan44

This week we welcomed Nicole Bersani, Digital Media Coordinator for the Chicago Cubs!


Key Points:

  • Sports and social media are long days, but it’s worth it when you love your job.
  • There may be a position out there that you don’t even know exists (that was social media for her).
  • Strong writing skills are still important when you work on social media!
  • It’s so important to know someone to get your foot in the door for a job or internship.
  • MLB technically owns all digital rights for all the club. At first it was confusing, but now they’ve become more of a resource. MLB employ photographers, which comes in handy for social, especially during away games.
  • A lot of their posts are planned out for important events, but a lot of their posts are real time.
  • Her senior year, she started applying about now. She  got her first job because she went on the Chapter’s networking trip! (So come with us).
  • Get your finances in check and save up as much money as possible during that first year post-grad.
  • To make your internship application stand out, don’t let your resume be the same for every position. Tailor it to the application and show them your strengths with examples.
  • They provide guidance for players posting, but they don’t do it for them. They teach the players social media best practices.
  • Agencies tend to have an approval process but that’s not her experience in corporate.

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