Feb. 5 Meeting Recap

Happy Week 4 PRSSbAes!

It was lovely seeing all your shining faces on Monday! If you didn’t make it to our weekly meeting, here’s what you missed.

Updates and Opportunities

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We’re skyping with Her Majesty Lauren Berger, the INTERN QUEEN, next week after our normal meeting time! Walk over to Schoonover with us and prepare to be inspired.

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We’re having another headshot fundraiser! Sign up to get a nice professional shot perfect for LinkedIn.

headshot fundraiser

Pay dues by February 16 to receive benefits like scholarships, awards, mentorship programs, priority registrations for events and trips, exclusive internship access and more! We take cash, check or Venmo!

This week’s Member Spotlight is Kate Ansel! Congratulate her @kate_ansel19.


And now a recap of our speaker!

Rose Marten, Customer Engagement Manager at DSW

Rose is a fellow Scripps kid and OHIO alum who got her start in magazine journalism. As she puts it, she had it all figured out. She would master magazine writing, move to New York and be a big shot at a top publication. Life happened, however, and she realized that she loved the creativity of PR more than the story-searching of classic journalism.

Her experience is vast and varied, and she started her career as a Ketchum Corporate Fellow in New York, where she worked with some serious clients like the Federation of Russia, the National Science Foundation and IBM’s Watson (remember the computer that dominated Jeopardy?).

Her next role at Hunter Public Relations brought Rose into the consumer packaged goods market, and she realized that customer relationship management and strategic planning were of more interest to her than traditional media relations. She then moved to Edelman, then Geben, and eventually made the transition to in-house communications at DSW to gain experience in building and nurturing a brand from start to finish. She still values her agency experience, however, and encourages everyone to work in the fast-paced, ever-changing agency world at least once.

In her year and a half at DSW, Rose has been in four(!) different roles, all of which have taught her a new lesson about communications and work styles. Here’s some of her best advice:

  • Learning what you’re passionate about is just as important as learning what you don’t like. Rose wasn’t a fan of startup and tech PR, so she kept trying new things until she found her groove.
  • Never say no when you accept a new position. Saying yes to tasks you’ve never done or that fall outside your job description is the best way to learn and prove your worth.
  • Don’t force a mentorship. Find someone who you actually click with, who pushes you and who will develop a meaningful relationship with you. Walk and talk during the day and absorb any advice they have.
  • Step outside of the world you make for yourself. Just because you’ve worked really hard to get where you are doesn’t mean you can’t move on.
  • Build a trustworthy relationship with your audience. The hard push style of marketing doesn’t work on younger, media savvy consumers. Craft a positive brand experience so that even if they don’t buy today, they have the confidence to buy in the future.
  • Lots of places are hiring for a culture fit over a skill fit. When changing teams, be open-minded and flexible, but speak up when you disagree or can suggest improvements. Expect some friction, but by asking questions and expressing your desire to learn, you’ll find a balance between how you and your coworkers work best.
  • Lastly, do what you love! Have patience and ride the wave, and you’ll end up where you’re meant to be.

Rose was super helpful and very open to communicating with our chapter, so reach out to executive board if you want her information!

See you next week!


This amazing recap was brought to you by Maura Anderson. Maura is a junior strategic communication major and the Director of Culture Engagement for 1804 Communication. In this position, she is the liason between our Chapter, 1804 and AdClub. Follow Maura on Twitter @agentmanderson.

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