Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Communication Professionals

We know Scripps PRSSA is a fantastic resource for professional advice, but what you might not know is that we can also help you in the romance department too!
My name is Emily and I have been single every Valentine’s Day for the past 20 years. Two decades of loneliness has provided me with plenty of experiences viewing Valentine’s Day gift ideas from friends over social media. Clearly, I am the most qualified person to give you relationship advice!

As a career-focused woman in the communication field, finding a man who encourages me to reach my full professional potential is a must! An excellent way to show your significant other how much you care is through how much money you spend on them. The following are communication-based gifts to swoon your boo this Hallmark holiday season:

Grammar Mug

emily1You may be silently correcting their grammar with this mug, but you are sending a loud and clear message that you want to be more than friends. Incorrect spelling and grammar while texting is a huge turn off, so make sure your significant other knows it is important to you too!

Price: $10.99


Baby Blogging OnesieBaby Blogging Onesie

emily2What better way to tell your sweetie that you’re ready to take your relationship to the next level than to purchase a baby’s onesie? Obviously, the potential mom will want to reach Mommy Blogger status while holding down a career, so this a necessity for any budding relationship.

Price: $19.99


Twitter Handle Necklace

emily3Let your girlfriend know how much you care about her personal brand this February by buying her a personalized Twitter handle necklace. The art of self-promotion is in its prime right now (*cough* @OFlynn_Emily *cough*) and you have to show her you care about her social media’s content.

Price: $75.00

Emoji Cookies

emily4My grandma used to say, “The key to any man’s heart is through his stomach.” Well, I’m here to tell you that women enjoy food too, so this is a superb gift to woo anyone. Baking cookies shows that you put in more effort, and the emoji shapes enhance the overall finesse of the present.

Bonus Tip: Don’t forget to make the heart emoji ❤


emily5              Cookie cutter Price: $18.97


Meme-Based Stuffed Animal

emily6Move the five foot tall stuffed bears aside. What your partner really wants is a stuffed animal based on hilarious memes. If your significant other is on the digital side of the communication industry, they will be fluent in meme-culture and appreciate you went the extra mile to find a plush toy that truly resonates with their essence. If the “This is fine” dog (pictured left) isn’t your thing, check out this stuffed animal version of Grumpy Cat.


This is Fine Dog Stuffed Animal Price: $25.00

Grumpy Cat Stuffed Animal Price: $11.99


I know you feel much more relieved now that you don’t have to actually think about a genuine gift to give, because I just provided all of them. If you are just trying to get through this Valentine’s Day, so that you can hit up all of the clearance chocolate the day after like me, take some time to appreciate yourself. You don’t need someone to buy you these things to be happy. You can buy them for yourself! Make Valentine’s Day a “Treat Yourself Day.”




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Emily O’Flynn is our in-house love doctor and VP of Social Affairs. Need some mediocre love advice? DM her on Twitter @OFlynn_Emily.

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