“Tips and Tricks For Remote Learning” By Gabrielle Beeler

Many of us have been learning remotely since March of last year and have still not gone back to traditional in-person classes. While many students are stuck at home during this time, it’s important to have ways to make the whole “remote schooling” better and enjoyable. As someone who finished their senior year of high school and entire freshman year of college completely online, I’ve gathered a list of tips and tricks that helped me make my life a little easier during this time of online learning. 

Set a Schedule

I treat school as my job and work only for certain hours of the day. For example, I start my day at 10 a.m. and work until 6 p.m., then I am off for the rest of the evening. This system works great for me since I like to have a set time to do my work. 

Create a Designated Work Space

Having a space to call your own and use only for class work is great way to put you in a productivity mode. I have been told many times that you should not do work in your bed, so having a workspace that is quite and you can focus is key to success. 

Take Breaks

Breaking up your workload is a great way to avoid a burnout and stay energized while doing your schoolwork. Taking breaks is also is a great way to review what you are learning in your classes and review the work you have completed. 

Make a To-Do List 

The feeling of pride when you can check a task off your to-do list is a feeling like no other. I love me a good list, so I know exactly what I need to be working on throughout the day. I usually make my list for the day the night before, so it is fresh in my mind when I am writing out the list. 

Join an Online Study Group 

This one has made my online college experience the best it can be given the pandemic. Having other people to bounce ideas off of and having help from a classmate/friend is a huge factor for success. The best part? You can make friends with other people from your classes! 

Stay Organized 

Whether it’s on your laptop or in your notebook, make sure to have a place for everything and know where you can access it. 

Maintain a Set Sleep Schedule 

It can be challenging to maintain a sleep schedule when it’s difficult to wake up for online classes (I get it! I am totally not a morning person). However, I can also attest that having a set bedtime and wakeup call is such a satisfying feeling. You will be well rested and ready for a productive day. 


Get up and get your body moving! You have been sitting all day and nothing feels better than getting a good stretch in or going for a long walk outside. 

Put Your Phone Down

Putting your phone down and staying off social media platforms is the best way to stay focused during your class and while you’re doing your homework. 

Join Clubs and Get Involved

Being stuck at home makes if more difficult to meet new friends and establish connections with your peers, but stepping out of your comfort zone and joining clubs gives you something to look forward to every week. I have made so many friends without being on campus, and when I do get to be in person, I know I will see familiar faces. 

These are just some of my favorite ways that I stay sane and get through my remote learning and I hope you can incorporate some of these tips and tricks into your daily routine. 

Gabrielle Beeler is a freshman studying communication studies. Connect with her on LinkedIn here.

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