“2021 PR and Marketing Trends” By Casey George

Covid-19 has changed the way we work and halted human interaction. Let’s look at some of the biggest PR and marketing trends we will see this year:  

Continuation of Digital Marketing Strategies and Campaigns 

Digital marketing strategies could be some of the best money spent in 2021. Investing in website optimization and strategic social media campaigns is essential in a digital landscape.  

Brand authenticity and reputation matter more to consumers than ever before. Brands are becoming more aware of the need for organic content. Organic content that reflects a brand’s mission and purpose, will establish trust with consumers.  

Authentic and original content will slowly but surely strengthen a brand’s reputation.  

Implementation of More Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Initiatives  

Every company must strive to make its workplace a more diverse and inclusive environment. No matter what organization you belong to, you can make a difference. Recognizing and welcoming people for their ideas, beliefs, differences, backgrounds, and experiences is the first step to an equal workplace. 

An organization should clearly define its stance on diversity, equity, and inclusion and how that stance will be emulated in its workplace. Company leaders should have open communication with their employees about specific initiatives and actions being implemented. Open communication starts with understanding what employees need to be successful and feel safe at work.  

To create an inclusive work environment, leaders must first address specific DE&I initiatives that are missing from their organization. Once defined, these initiatives will guide the company’s growth and strengthen its purpose.  

Flexibility is Still a Priority  

When Covid-19 hit, companies were required to change the way they operated. Many face to face work environments become fully virtual or switched to a hybrid approach. Some companies have slowly begun to open back up, returning employees back to work in stages. Many people though, are still working from home and may continue to do so in the future.  

Flexibility remains a priority going forward and if companies want to retain their employees, they must consider incorporating flexible work options. 

Keeping Up with an Ever-Changing Landscape 

Change is one of the only consistent things in PR and marketing. We must stay current on the latest industry trends and news to have insightful conversations and create meaningful work. Innovation is at the forefront of change and that is why relevant and authentic content is more important than ever.  

Trends that are used abundantly lack authenticity with audiences. Stories, campaigns, and other initiatives must introduce fresh perspectives on trends to resonate in what is an already saturated market.    

The pandemic has created a sense of urgency within organizations and industry professionals. It has taught us what it takes to be successful in an online world, but that we also must be prepared for a hybrid landscape. Events, fundraisers, conferences, and meetings aren’t going to be solely virtual going forward. Strategies must incorporate virtual and in-person initiatives.  

Casey George is a junior studying journalism, strategic communication and is the 2020-21 VP of Finance for Scripps PRSSA. Follow her on Twitter here.

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