1. Join new organizations
    • Finding organizations that match your interests and can help you achieve your future goals is one of the easiest yet most effective ways to grow professionally while on campus. It is important to find clubs that can help you envision and work toward what you professionally desire. Staying both consistent in attendance and dedicated to making yourself — and the club — better will set you up for success. It not only gives you experience that employers will value, but it gives you a greater sense of who you are as a leader.
  1. Get involved with on-campus career services
    • On campus, there are plenty of opportunities that can help you grow professionally. Whether it is resume workshops, panels, networking opportunities, career fairas, it is important to keep up-to-date on upcoming events and make the most of the provided opportunities. It can help you stand out as a student that is both prepared and dedicated, as well as gain opportunities that other students may miss. 
  1. Find a mentor
    • Having a person who you can trust and has experience in the industry you desire can be an incredible way to gain personalized insight. From my experience, mentorship has been something that has expanded my network by exploring different opportunities and taught me how to ask people for help, which is something that I struggle to do sometimes. They are someone you can add to your support network, which is what can make them such a meaningful individual.
  1. Use LinkedIn to your advantage
    • By leveraging your goals and experiences, there is a potential to make meaningful connections on LinkedIn. You can learn a great deal about the industry you are interested in by reaching out to these individuals by inviting alumni from your university to connect or finding current professionals that have your “dream job.” Don’t be afraid to ask to have a 15-minute conversation because there is so much that you can learn from them, and they may be able to guide you in achieving your goals.
  1. Push your comfort zone
    • Whether it is connecting with a new person or joining a new club, one important element is to not be afraid to try new things and strive for what you want. You never know what good can come out of an experience, so saying “yes” and trying things that you may be too scared to attempt can help you strengthen mentally and potentially set you up for success in whatever experiences you engage in.

Rebekah Green is a senior studying journalism-strategic communication with a minor in business analytics. She is the Vice President of Member Relations for Scripps PRSSA and a District Ambassador for PRSSA National. Follow her on Twitter here and on LinkedIn here.

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