It’s the question we’re all asking ourselves: how do I keep everything organized when looking for a potential job or internship?

It’s something that isn’t easier to master. It can be stressful, not knowing where to start. Here’s some tips:

Create an excel sheet

Creating this will only make it easier to organize your applications. Start with categories based on company name, location, due dates and some relevant notes on the organization. I like to use google spreadsheets. Unique colors and fonts make it more exciting too!

Reach out to connections

Those professional authentic relationships that we’re taught to build are a great place to begin! Start with who you know. It’s about reconnecting with them and learning more about their career and company. Don’t go into this with the mindset of “I need a job.” Employers can sense your insincerity. Be intentional with who you reach out to. If you remember them from a meeting and you share a certain interest, talk about that. Connections are great to have just to grow and develop in many ways!

Utilize other resources

Linked In and Handshake are great web tools to navigate this. You can filter opportunities: remote, hybrid and on–site. If you’re open to multiple locations, do different searches. The more you limit, the less opportunities you’ll find. If you keep your options opened, you’ll be surprised on what’s out there!


It’s hard to decide: agency or corporate? You may not even know what industry you want to work for. That’s okay. Read articles about the different industries and the pros/cons to agency vs. corporate. See what might suit you best! But most importantly, find companies that align with your interests and values. It will be way more worthwhile in the end!

With these tips, I know you’ll be sure to succeed on that job hunt. It can be tricky to know how to get started. I hope this helps you with where to start!

Kelly Lambers is a senior studying Journalism Strategic Communication with a minor in Marketing and a certificate in Diversity Studies. She is the 2021-22 VP of Public Relations for Scripps PRSSA. Follow her on Twitter here and on LinkedIn here.

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