My PRSSA Experience- Maggie Noll

From the jump from high school to college, I was undecided on what field I would like to major in but eventually decided on Communication Studies because of the broad range of professional careers I could dive into. My freshman year, I took a lot of elective classes but ultimately loved the communication courses I was taking so I knew I had chosen the right major. Freshman year was very difficult with being online for the first year of my college career because of COVID-19. I did, although, really enjoy my communication courses so it made it bearable. I knew that I wanted to get involved when I was on campus and was able to experience the college lifestyle tremendously more than my freshman year being fully online.

The involvement fair took place at Ohio University at the start of my sophomore year where I went up to many booths to learn more about organizations and take flyers. I went up to the PRSSA booth where I received a flyer as well as a fun sticker that I now have on my water bottle. This may seem silly, but I really felt this was the organization that I felt would best be fit for building my professional and interpersonal relationships because of how fun it seemed just from getting a fun sticker and a flyer that explains a little more about this amazing organization.

From getting that flyer and sticker, I then went to a Monday meeting with my now best friend, Allison Young, and we both loved what the organization stood for and how welcoming the members were. I have gained so much knowledge about what fields you could be in as a Communication major and a Public Relations minor. I would never have known this much if it was not for stepping out of my comfort zone by going to a Monday meeting.

This organization has really helped me with building my personal brand that included helping me polish my resume, hear from professionals in these industries day-to-day work lives and how it led up to them getting the successful career they have today, building meaningful relationships with incredible members, networking with many professionals, and being able to have a peer and professional mentor.

Second semester of my sophomore year, I had been a dues-paying member and decided to run for an executive position, VP of Social Affairs, and got the position that I am currently doing. This would of not have been possible if I did not step out of my confront zone and had not been curious to want more out of major and minor. I just so happened to land on the best organization and meet the best people through this organization that have been giving me endless support. I am happy to say that PRSSA was the best decision I could have made for myself being a college student.

My advice for anyone that is debating on joining PRSSA is that you should! This organization will help you build a network of professional leaders that can help guide you through your career, build life-long friendships with members, and to have the knowledge from speakers and peers going into your first career of what to ask and know when searching for a job. PRSSA members will always be your cheerleaders and help guide you through your professional and personal successes and lows in your career and life. I am so grateful to have landed on PRSSA and have built the best friendships and set myself up for success because of this outstanding organization.

Maggie Noll is a junior majoring in communication studies with a minor in public relations and certificates in diversity studies and social media at Ohio University. She serves as the Vice President of Social Affairs for Scripps PRSSA. Connect with her on LinkedIn here and Twitter here

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