How to Rock Working Remotely

In the face of COVID-19, people all across the world are finding themselves working from home. Personally, I have been doing my internship remotely for about two months. It did not take long for me to find out what made working at home easier. Here are a few tips: Create a Routine. Creating a routine … Continue reading How to Rock Working Remotely

Tips for Saving Money While Traveling Abroad

By Lindsey Zimmerman  There are some things that just can’t be learned in a classroom – you have to go out into the world and experience them firsthand. Whether you’re with a study abroad program, a volunteer project or simply traveling independently, international travel is one of the absolute best experiences money can buy.  The … Continue reading Tips for Saving Money While Traveling Abroad

15 internship tips & tricks for the summer

By Marisa DockumBeing an intern can offer a wealth of knowledge and lead to lasting relationships, and if you’re lucky, a future job.  As a trainee at Edelman, with 50 other interns, I have sneaked a few tips and tricks up my sleeve to stay on top of my game and make a lasting impression.1. … Continue reading 15 internship tips & tricks for the summer

What will you do with your PR degree?

By: Megan Valentine, PRSSA member After obtaining a degree in public relations, one of the biggest challenges graduates face is deciding exactly what they want to do with their education. While graduate school is definitely an option, many feel that they have at least the minimal skills and experience to jump right in. Public relations … Continue reading What will you do with your PR degree?

PR Success

Congratulations to all the writers and editors for contributing to both PR Success editions this semester. Thank you for your time and work. Without you there would be no magazine! Happy Holidays! Click the link below to view PR Success. FinalPRSuccess

Resume Examples

It's internship and job hunting season! Don't stress out, PR Superstars. Below is a link full of great resume examples shown during PR Bootcamp. Happy searching!   PRSSA_resumes

To be or not to be an all-star intern

To be or not to be an all-star intern By: Sienna Tomko Internship opportunities are readily available by more and more companies, organizations and non-profits today than ever before. These opportunities allow you to experience public relations first-hand and to test different industries that may interest you. More and more, students all over the country … Continue reading To be or not to be an all-star intern