A Day In The Life of a Corporate PR Intern

By Sarah Rachul


When I sat down to write about a day in the life of a corporate intern, I thought about all the different ways I could describe my day. Do I just mention the important things? What about all those little moments that make my day unique? Those are important too even though they may not all have to do with work. Those are the moments that make my internship so special. So to really give you a true account of a day in my life, here it is….laid out to the minute.


5:45AM – Alarm falls on deaf ears as there’s no way I’m up yet.

6:15AM – Second backup alarm has finally done its job and gotten me out of bed, thus begins the day. The next hour is spent getting ready, checking personal emails and Facebook, packing my gym bag, making coffee and deciding if my feet can really handle wearing 4 inch heels again (they couldn’t, flats it is).

7:30AM – Head downstairs to the hotel lobby to make breakfast and add as much vanilla creamer to my iced coffee as I can.

7:45AM – Carpool to work with my other intern friends and have approximately 10 minutes to bond until we arrive.

8AM – Sit down at my desk and chat with my cubicle mates until my laptop powers on and connects to the network and my virtual desktop.

8:20AM – Start the email checking process. On some days this takes 5 minutes and on others it takes upwards of 30. Here’s a tip for any corporate intern: you WILL get bogged down with emails. Take time every morning to organize and answer all your email in your inbox and when you get emails throughout the day start using a 24 hour rule. Make sure you answer any and all emails you receive within a 24 hour period, no matter how busy you may be.

8:30AM – Finally send the last email…..after staring at my computer screen for 10 minutes trying to figure out how to respond to one particularly surprising message.

9AM – I tend to block off time in the morning to work on my intern projects. These projects range from social media research to competitive product analysis to event planning for the upcoming National Sales Meeting. Today that project is sifting through countless articles on websites pertaining to our healthcare competitors.

12PM – Every intern’s favorite time…..lunch. Because of the size of Cardinal’s campus I don’t get to see many of my intern friends throughout the day. At lunch we all meet in the large West Caféand are able to socialize and on some days, even volunteer. Today we made cards for sick kids in the hospital during lunch.

1PM – The afternoon begins and with it comes multiple meetings and events that can make for a long but exciting few hours.

2PM – Spent the last hour calling speakers bureaus to find the perfect speaker for the National Sales Meeting. But on a side note, several of those calls were interrupted by chats with David (the intern that sits next to me) and walks around the office. Another corporate intern tip: Get up and walk around every once in awhile. Your eyes get tired just staring at a computer and your butt gets big if you sit on it all day. Take 5 minutes and do a lap.

3PM – Finally finished the comparative analysis just in time to send to my manager before the biggest meeting of the day. In this meeting we discussed the future of branding and marketing for a subset of our department. One of the things I love most about meetings like these are the opportunities for learning. I didn’t know much about this area of business going into the meeting but was happy to be able to say I learned something when I left.

5PM – The end of the meeting also brought the end of the day. After packing up my stuff I met some friends in the lobby and went on to run some errands before heading home.


This brings me to sitting down in front of my computer and writing this blog. While this day isn’t the same as every other, it does reflect what I’ve been doing during my internship. If you have any questions about Cardinal Health or corporate internships in general, I’m always happy to answer!

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IT’S HUNTING SEASON!! for internships, that is.

By Jess Carnprobst

interns wantedThe greatest, most stressful time of the year is here: internship hunting season. We are all desperate to find the perfect internship, along with all of the perfect materials when applying. I’ve done my fair share of stressing over finding the right internship and attempting to make myself look flawless on applications, so I decided to share some of the tips and pointers I have received.

1. Keep your options open

Most of us have a dream internship that our sights are set on, but it is important to look for a plan B as well. Sometimes things don’t work out with your first choice, and although it may be tough, everything happens for a reason. Brush your shoulder off and move on to your variety of backup options. One of your other choices will undoubtedly provide you with an unforgettable summer full of memories and lessons. Choosing an internship in a field of public relations that you didn’t expect to be interested in can teach you a lot more about what you want in your future than if you choose an internship with an environment you expected and hoped for.

2. Blindly searching isn’t a bad thing

I blindly searched for internships during my freshman year, applied to two, and accepted an internship in Pittsburgh. I had no idea what to expect out of the summer, but it was undoubtedly one of my best. Even though I felt like I had no idea what I was doing during the searching process, I was finding interesting internships along the way. Trust your instincts and listen to the many great mentors around you. Randomly stumbling across a website may be all you need to connect and find the perfect internship.

3. It’s never too early to start

Of course, it’s a good idea to get started early in the year, but I’m not just talking about timing. For all of you underclassmen out there, don’t be afraid to start applying now. The worst that can happen is they say no. You’ll never know unless you try. If you do land an internship while you’re an underclassman, you will have greater chances at more competitive internships in your later years. Employers love seeing driven students who didn’t waste time before striving to apply their knowledge in the real world.

4. Use your available resources

With all of the social media and easy access employer’s websites, there is no excuse for not finding plenty of options. There are Twitter accounts dedicated to tweeting about potential internships. Find a few and start following them. These accounts will help keep your options open and add variety to your searches. PRSSA’s lovely VP of External Relations emails all dues-paying members with internship openings, and Marisa Dockum will even search for internships in a specific location if you ask. It can’t get any easier than that! You can also try Google; some pretty good results come up and will lead you to even more options.

Internship hunting is only as intimidating as you make it, so get out there and have some fun! When you’re putting yourself out there, showing interest in a company and letting your unique personality shine through, you will undoubtedly find an amazing internship with unforgettable experiences. Keep your options open and stay determined!

To be or not to be an all-star intern

To be or not to be an all-star intern
By: Sienna Tomko

Internship opportunities are readily available by more and more companies, organizations and non-profits today than ever before. These opportunities allow you to experience public relations first-hand and to test different industries that may interest you.

More and more, students all over the country are spending their summer breaks, winter intercessions and even semesters gaining experience through internships. The norm nowadays, even with Scripps students, is not just one internship, but multiple internships with multiple employers.

It’s essential to be all-star intern in the PR world today. Yet, what does it take to be an all-star intern? Here are a few things to keep in mind the next time you start a new internship:

Be early

There’s nothing worse then being late as an intern. Try to get to work early to show your dedication. Like they say; the early bird catches the worm.

 Be persistent

Done with a project and looking for something to do? Instead of waiting around for your supervisor to tell you what’s next, be the first to ask. Show your eagerness to learn and keep busy!

 Be outgoing

No matter the size of the department, company or organization, be outgoing. Get to know staff members, learn about their PR backgrounds and ask questions! The last thing you want is for people to not remember you.

 Be flexible

The workweek is never the same. Events may arise that are out of your control. Be willing to work around a crazy schedule and get your work done on time.

Be willing to say you don’t know

Do you know how to ________? It’s okay to answer that question with a no. Although we like to believe we know it all, unfortunately we don’t. If you are faced with something you are unfamiliar with or don’t know, do not be afraid to say you don’t know. Just be sure to follow up with questions on how to learn.

Be attentive

Attention to detail is essential in the PR world. Be sure to double and triple check your work.

Be professional

In all senses of the world, be professional. Dress professionally, act professionally and present yourself in a professional manner. Remember that you are representing Ohio University, the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism and YOURSELF!

Be yourself

The first day of an internship may be scary, especially if you are unsure of what to expect. Remember that an internship is a learning opportunity and a chance for you to grow in the field of public relations. Be yourself and enjoy every minute!

Be precise

In all internships, but especially when working in a fast-paced environment, don’t forget to take your time and be precise. It is easy to get caught up in saying yes to project after project but if you’re not presenting your best work, you’re not helping anyone. Don’t be afraid to say no so you can really focus on the task-at-hand. Proofread everything and check every detail. But most importantly, don’t rush through projects.

 Be humble

It is important to realize that you’re an intern and that you’re there to learn and to take any project given to you. We all know that a couple of the tasks that will come across your desk aren’t going to make your friends drool with envy, BUT it is important to prove yourself. Take those opportunities to prove to your supervisor that they can trust you with the small jobs so he or she will include you on the bigger ones. As interns we are not entitled to anything. Be humble and thankful for the experience and the resume boost!