Start the New Year right with these Resolutions for 2014

By Kelsey Miller

ImageIt’s that time of the year once again. “New year, new you.” How do you plan to spend 2014? Of course there’s the typical, “save more money” and, the most daunting, to “eat better and/or lose weight.” But, what about the thrifty people who don’t want to change their eating habits or exercise routines? Or the people who want to change that and more? What about the people who want to think outside the box for 2014? Well, here’s a collect of a few resolutions for those people:

Break a record. You can go all out Guinness style, or even set a personal record for yourself. This can go for any aspect of your life. Eat the biggest meal of your life, break your personal record for bench press or a 5K time, or have the laziest day ever. Your choice!

Get your photo in five interesting places. You can go to five places around the world or stay local and add an artsy spin to it.  As long as you find it interesting, it doesn’t matter where you go!

Try a new food each week. Are you a foodie? Are you a picky eater? Expand your horizons and try something new. There is no reason why you can’t eat something you have always wanted to try. You can even get creative and invent a new dish.

Compliment one stranger each day. Think about how many people you see on a daily basis. If you really pay attention to them, you will notice that you like something they’re wearing, their style, personality, or a combination of it all. Of course you’ll feel creepy at first, but how good do you feel when a stranger compliments you? The worst-case scenario is that they do think that you’re weird. So what? In the end, you make someone feel better about themselves and brighten their day as well as your own, even if it’s just for a couple seconds.

Make a new friend every month. Making friends isn’t always easy, but putting yourself out there and making yourself more approachable is a great way to make connections and become a better-rounded person. Maybe one of the strangers that you compliment would make a good friend. By December, you will have made 12 new friends. Throw a dinner party for your new posse.

Pamper yourself for a day. Do something by yourself. Spend a day by yourself doing what you love to do. Save up your money to treat yourself to a spa day or a weekend getaway. Pull an Eat, Pray, Love stunt and learn about yourself.

Pamper others once a month. Buy someone you love a gift for no reason. Make a stranger smile by buying their lunch or their gas. Even sending a dessert to a family’s table at a restaurant.

A lot of those resolutions may be about others but you will still benefit the most. Simple compliments or spending a little bit of time and money on others can go a long way and will make your 2014 an unforgettable year.

Source: www.realbuzz/articles/10-unusual-new-year-s-resolutions/#pagination-top

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