PR Newswire to Scripps PRSSA — Feb. 17, RECAPPED

By Gary Bridgens

Scripps PRSSA’s week six meeting brought PR Newswire to Athens for a comprehensive look into what truly fuels the public relations industry. As usual, there were quite a few updates at the beginning of the meeting:

  • Congratulations to our PRSSA President, Nicole Spears! She was voted the Scripps PRSSA Outstanding Graduate for 2014.
  • Got Swabbed? A bone marrow registry collection organization on campus is working to promote their annual “Get Swabbed” event. The event will take place 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. on the third floor of the Baker Center, Monday February 24.
  • Best of luck to the Scripps PRSSA Bateman Team, who will be hosting an event on Sunday, February 23 from 3-5 p.m. on the first floor of the Baker Center. Only one team of 4-5 members will be allowed per student organization. Every member of each team must bring one jar of peanut butter and one jar of jelly to be donated to Athens’ Children’s Services as admission. Teams will have the opportunity to win spring break related prizes and there will be free Insomnia Cookies!
  • The Ohio State University will be sponsoring the regional PaRtners conference in Columbus on Saturday, April 12th. For more information regarding the conference visit The Ohio State PRSSA’s web page.
  • PR Career Week begins next week! February 24th brings about the very first Scripps PR Career Week. Registration for all events, including day of competition, is still open and all are encouraged to participate!
  • CORPSA Match Day will be taking place Thursday, February 20th. If you are attending Match Day and need a ride, please email as soon as possible!
  • Monday’s spotlight member was Angela Keane. You can follow Angela on Twitter @angela_keane.
  • The OU ImPRessions spotlight highlighted the Go Bus account. The account members have been working diligently and have come up with a successful social media giveaway campaign! Follow @ridegobus to learn more about how you can win free ride trip bus tickets and a Go Bus backpack!


Jenni Rumer is a Customer Content Services Manager at PR Newswire, where she manages the day-to-day operations of content specialists. After graduating from the University of Akron, Jenni joined PR Newswire in 2006 as a Member Services Representative. Jenni additionally interviews and hires new staff as well as serves as a management sponsor for the PR Newswire Internship Program.

Jenni jumped right into valuable information as she began by discussing the fundamental services of PR Newswire. “On the most basic level, we distribute Press Releases,” she said. However, we soon came to learn that these are not your average news releases. As a result of their use of satellite distribution, PR Newswire allows companies to quickly release information at incomparable speeds. The content shoots directly to an immense number of traditional and non-traditional news outlets. Jenni claims the appropriate use of non-traditional news outlets greatly increases the ROI for your client.

A recent increase in focus on visual and multimedia options exponentially enhances the PR Newswire press release. The idea that fragmented absorption of information is the most effective method guides this manner of presentation. Jenni claims that PR Newswire press releases get more views when they contain multimedia content and involve “information stacking.” Information stacking plays upon the impression that something visual can be absorbed and shared faster. Basically, a PR Newswire news release is the “full package” of information for the audience to learn everything they need to know.

Sam Tischler, a 2012 suma cum laude graduate from the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism, then spoke about her journey to successfully landing a job at PR Newswire as a Sales Support Representative. She accredits her success to the Scripps PRSSA and Scripps School of Journalism. Sam said that one of her favorite things about working at PR Newswire is being able to see, full circle, the work that goes into a great press release and the impact it makes.

Jenni and Sam both proclaimed their adulation for Scripps’ programs. According to Jenni, Ohio University has restructured the PR program to reflect the changing industry landscape. For this reason, Jenni loves to interview Bobcats! When asked what she looks for in a candidate for employment, Jenni responded, “Organized, engaged, and driven.”

To learn more about employment opportunities at PR Newswire, check out You can follow the Beyond PR blog at:

Gary Bridgens is a junior student at Ohio University. Follow him on Twitter @garingiscaring or connect with him on LinkedIN!

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