PRSSA Meeting recap 2.25.13


By; Briagenn Adams

Congratulations to sophomore Marisa Dockum and Senior Heather Bartman!

Marisa Dockum has been selected to represent the Scripps PRSSA chapter at the PRSSA National Assembly in Picture_9Albuquerque, New Mexico. As a National Delegate, she will vote on bylaw changes, elect the next National Committee and attend sessions. Heather Bartman was also recognized on Monday night for her adamant involvement with PRSSA during the past four years, and was voted as the graduation senior who will apply for the COPRSA Outstanding Graduate PRism Award.  You go, girls!

  •  Don’t forget to register for our Regional Conference!

The conference is called “Beyond the Basics” and will be a fantastic networking experience. The conference is on March 16, 2013, from 10:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.

  • Congratulations to tonight’s ImPRessions Spotlight, The House Account!

The House – located at 45 South Court Street – is the first collegiate Under Amour store in the nation.

  •  If you submitted your name for the New York City Networking Trip, you’ll be going to the Big Apple on March 21-22!

Hollie Amato and Heather Bartman will be holding a meeting on Wednesday, February 26 at 7 p.m. in Bentley 021 to talk about the budget, sign up for tour groups and hotel rooms, and explain important deadlines and expectations for the trip.

Tonight PRSSA heard from Paul Matson, a 2009 Ohio University graduate and SocialRazorfish_Mark_09-24
Media Strategist from Razorfish, a   full-service public relations agency with digital technology at its core. With 2,400 professionals in more than 20 cities across nine countries, Razorfish claims “There Are a Lot of Fish in the Sea.”

Paul became heavily involved with social media in his junior year, improving his blogging and tweeting skills on his own time.

“It’s so important to explore other skills that professors don’t always teach in the classroom,” he said. “You should try to develop a skill set to set you apart and get you a job.”

Regardless of a PR professional’s specific job, Paul said that the common objective is to deliver the right message to the right audience using the right vehicle, and the best brands today are integrated across various social media and technological platforms.

To finish his presentation, Paul offered five pieces of “free advice.”

  •  Always be curious. You cannot afford to not understand digital and social media.
  • Read about the industry and have an opinion, but always voice it respectfully. P
  • Pay attention to your writing because writing matters, a lot.
  •  Always look for networking opportunities
  • Speak up!

We all have voices and we all have brains, and after all, we’re all in PR!

Follow Paul on twitter at @PaulMatson and he can be reached at Also, feel free to connect with him on LinkedIn:!

Scripps PRSSA’s First Semester: Success!

By: Briagenn Adams, PRSSA member

Ohio University’s Scripps PRSSA has successfully survived and thrived through its first-ever semester! Hurrah!

Although the switch from quarters to semesters was a huge change for Ohio University and its students, Scripps PRSSA handled the transition as any PR superstar would – with grace and a good attitude.

This year has seen many accomplishments and much success. In October, the Scripps PRSSA executive board traveled to San Francisco to participate in the PRSSA National Conference. While there, Scripps PRSSA’s Chapter firm – ImPRessions – accepted the National Best Campaign Award from PRSSA, an honorable recognition. In addition, the Hugh M. Culbertson chapter received a Teahan Award for “Best PRSA/PRSSA Relationship.” We are very proud of our talented Bobcats!

Along with weekly meetings from 6-7 p.m. in Scripps 111, PRSSA executives and members set out to hone their grammar skills by participating in “PR Boot camp.” For five weeks, sessions were held to go over résumé building, interview etiquette, AP style, and press release format. Those who completed the workshop were awarded a certificate of accomplishment and gained new knowledge of the proper-grammar world! (It’s really not such a scary place, after all.)

Moving towards the end of October, Scripps PRSSA met with OU’s Advertising Club to carve pumpkins and sip hot chocolate in the chilly autumn air. This annual tradition is a great way for members of the two groups to come together and make new friends, all the while networking with their future coworkers.

Before Scripps PRSSA members packed up to head home for Thanksgiving, they enjoyed a delicious spread of holiday favorites with their fellow members, including turkey, green bean casserole, and macaroni and cheese! Talking, laughing, and reminiscing over shared memories, Scripps PRSSA members unanimously agreed that joining the organization was one of the best decisions they had ever made at Ohio University.

Despite the chaos of the last three weeks of school, what with final papers and looming exams, Scripps PRSSA pushed ahead and made the most of 2012. The Sunday before the last week of classes, Scripps PRSSA’s ImPRessions held an end-of-the-year holiday event where members of ImPRessions gathered in Walter Hall to hear about the progress of OU’s entirely student-run PR firm, and munch on pizza and homemade goodies. No pun intended, but all those in attendance were thoroughly impressed.

Now that Ohio University is on Winter break, so are its students. However, Scripps PRSSA never rests! Throughout the holiday season Scripps PRSSA members are staying active by blogging, tweeting, and updating the organization’s Facebook page. In addition to regular social media, Scripps PRSSA has recently created Pinterest and Instagram accounts, so definitely check them out!

Although the 2012 Fall Semester was action-packed and unforgettable, Scripps PRSSA looks forward to the 2013 school year: the New York City Networking trip in March, the COPRSA PaRtners conference that Ohio University will be hosting in the spring, and all else that has yet to come.