#ScrippsSummerChallenge Week 6 Recap

#ScrippsSummerChallenge Week 6

Week six of #ScrippsSummerChallenge has come and gone! This week’s challenge was to make a connection with a professional and share – on Twitter – how and to whom you reached out.

Unfortunately, this week’s pool of participators was not very full. However, there’s nothing to worry about; it’s never too late to connect. Connecting with professionals via the Internet is a convenient way to form fast relationships. Be it Twitter, LinkedIn, or old-fashioned email, reaching out is never a bad idea.

Follow Jasmine Garcia and Ashleigh Mavros’ example and connect today!



If you’re worried that by reaching out you’ll seem “creepy,” never fear! Check out our recent blog post by Kelly Hayes, “How to easily network with professionals in today’s technological world.”  Kelly has tons of tips and tricks that will aid even the most timid networker.

Get ready for #ScrippsSummerChallenge Week 7 and remember not only do you have the chance to win this long-sleeve journalism tee for participating, but you are increasing professional and personal growth by participating in these challenges!

#ScrippsSummerChallenge Week 1

By: Nicole E. Spears

The Scripps Summer Challenge program was introduced for the first time last week to help Scripps PRSSA members keep in touch, as well as in tune with their PR skills, over the long summer months.

Last week’s #ScrippsSummerChallenge asked Scripps PRSSA members to connect with a professional using social media. Unfortunately, we don’t have any testimonials to share with you this week.

Instead, here are some ideas of how you can use social networks to make new professional connections:

  • Twitter: It may be the easiest way to start a conversation. Tag someone with an article you think they may be interested in, ask a question, or simply introduce yourself. Don’t forget that if they’re also following you, you can use a direct message to make a more legitimate connection.

  • LinkedIn: It’s true that it is a bit counterproductive to “connect” with people that you don’t know on LinkedIn, but that doesn’t mean that you should rule it out for networking. Joining groups and starting discussions is not only great for finding new connections, but for continuing your education outside of the classroom or office. Also, check out this post by Cidnye Weimer about using LinkedIn for networking.

  • WordPress: Reading is so important for young professionals, and a lot of great content is coming from fellow PRSSA members or colleagues. Use the WordPress reader to keep up with some blogs, and comment on posts that resonate with you.

  • About.me: If you’ve seen other’s About Me pages, you might have thought they were simply a bio. However, an About.me profile is a great complement to a blog or website. By including your keywords, it can help build your online presence and SEO results, making it easier for others to connect with you.

How else do you make connections using social media?

Scripps PRSSA’ers, don’t forget to take part in next week’s Scripps Summer Challenge! Look out for the email about each new #ScrippsSummerChallenge on Monday mornings.

How to use LinkedIn to Network During the Summer and School Year

By: Cidnye Weimer

If you’re a PR major you’ve probably been told to create a LinkedIn profile for yourself. So you create a profile, now what? It’s easy to put all of your information on a web page and add people to your network but what happens after that’s all said and done? The true purpose of LinkedIn isn’t just so you can make a nice page about yourself (that’s what Facebook is for) but it’s to connect with professionals to network in hopes of getting a job or an internship one day. The keyword here is network. Here are 5 ways you can use LinkedIn to network this summer and during the school year:

  1. Personalize your invitations to connect. When you send an invitation to connect with someone make sure to make it personal and not just the generic “I’d like to invite you to connect.” It shows that you have taken the time to connect with this person and that you have a personal interest. Make sure to include, how/when you met them, why you would like to connect and your name. Trust me this works!

  1. Ask someone to introduce you. A good way to connect with people that are out of your network is to have someone “introduce” you to tem. You can do this by look at that person’s network and seeing who you have in common and then ask that person to connect you with each other. A good example is: “Hey Cidnye I saw that you are connected with Nicole Spears from LaunchSquad on LinkedIn and I’d really love to work there one day so I was hoping you could introduce us.” LinkedIn even has this feature on their website making it easier for you. Remember, it never hurts to ask.

  1. Join a LinkedIn group and actively participate. One of the great features on LinkedIn     is the groups. There is pretty much everything you can think of, groups for sororities, organizations, an E.W. Scripps School of Journalism group and even a PRSSA National group. A good way to network on LinkedIn is to join a few of these groups and actively participate in discussions. It’s a good way to meet people and a lot of times there are even job postings!

  1. Make sure your profile info is up to date and accurate. Once you finally connect with someone and they are in your network, it’s important that all of your profile information is correct and an accurate representation of you so that they aren’t getting any surprises and so they know how great you are!

  2. Be Confident! More often than not, professionals love to connect with students and help them out in any way that they can. So be confident and go network!


Scripps PRSSA’s First Semester: Success!

By: Briagenn Adams, PRSSA member

Ohio University’s Scripps PRSSA has successfully survived and thrived through its first-ever semester! Hurrah!

Although the switch from quarters to semesters was a huge change for Ohio University and its students, Scripps PRSSA handled the transition as any PR superstar would – with grace and a good attitude.

This year has seen many accomplishments and much success. In October, the Scripps PRSSA executive board traveled to San Francisco to participate in the PRSSA National Conference. While there, Scripps PRSSA’s Chapter firm – ImPRessions – accepted the National Best Campaign Award from PRSSA, an honorable recognition. In addition, the Hugh M. Culbertson chapter received a Teahan Award for “Best PRSA/PRSSA Relationship.” We are very proud of our talented Bobcats!

Along with weekly meetings from 6-7 p.m. in Scripps 111, PRSSA executives and members set out to hone their grammar skills by participating in “PR Boot camp.” For five weeks, sessions were held to go over résumé building, interview etiquette, AP style, and press release format. Those who completed the workshop were awarded a certificate of accomplishment and gained new knowledge of the proper-grammar world! (It’s really not such a scary place, after all.)

Moving towards the end of October, Scripps PRSSA met with OU’s Advertising Club to carve pumpkins and sip hot chocolate in the chilly autumn air. This annual tradition is a great way for members of the two groups to come together and make new friends, all the while networking with their future coworkers.

Before Scripps PRSSA members packed up to head home for Thanksgiving, they enjoyed a delicious spread of holiday favorites with their fellow members, including turkey, green bean casserole, and macaroni and cheese! Talking, laughing, and reminiscing over shared memories, Scripps PRSSA members unanimously agreed that joining the organization was one of the best decisions they had ever made at Ohio University.

Despite the chaos of the last three weeks of school, what with final papers and looming exams, Scripps PRSSA pushed ahead and made the most of 2012. The Sunday before the last week of classes, Scripps PRSSA’s ImPRessions held an end-of-the-year holiday event where members of ImPRessions gathered in Walter Hall to hear about the progress of OU’s entirely student-run PR firm, and munch on pizza and homemade goodies. No pun intended, but all those in attendance were thoroughly impressed.

Now that Ohio University is on Winter break, so are its students. However, Scripps PRSSA never rests! Throughout the holiday season Scripps PRSSA members are staying active by blogging, tweeting, and updating the organization’s Facebook page. In addition to regular social media, Scripps PRSSA has recently created Pinterest and Instagram accounts, so definitely check them out!

Although the 2012 Fall Semester was action-packed and unforgettable, Scripps PRSSA looks forward to the 2013 school year: the New York City Networking trip in March, the COPRSA PaRtners conference that Ohio University will be hosting in the spring, and all else that has yet to come.