PR Newswire Meeting Recap 2.11.13

By: Allison Evans

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We were delighted to be joined by two knowledgeable and savvy PR pros from the PR Newswire Association! Recent Ohio University graduate Amanda Stefanik, who works as an Inside New Business Development Representative, and Jenni Rumer, a Customer Content Services Manager were the guest speakers at tonight’s chapter meeting. Together they shared the user-benefits of PR Newswire and the products it has to offer, and inside tips on how the internship and job process works at their company!

Founded in 1954, PR Newswire is the “leading global provider of innovative communications solutions and marketing services that enable organizations to optimize, connect, and engage with their target audiences across all traditional, digital, social and mobile channels world-wide.”

PR Newswire offers a number of services and products to enhance the timeliness and effectiveness of media releases, which ensures maximum SEO (search engine optimization).  Amanda Stefanik elaborated on some of these terms, including “sending over the wire” which means a satellite blast of news releases, sending them to assignment desks in newsrooms.

“With the PR Newswire name attached to the release it is more likely to get picked up as it comes over the wire,” Stefanik said.

Products also track and analyze the results of the content released saving professionals countless hours by acting as the middleman between themselves and media outlets.

“You want to make your boss look REALLY good, and one way to do that is by tracking your success,” Rumer said.

Rumer also passed along the advice to ad multimedia content to releases in order to gain readership. Whether they are hastags, logos, videos, photos, or downloadable files, multimedia needs to be attached in order for your release to be read.

“More multi-media=more views,” Rumer said.

PR Newswire has hired a number of Ohio University graduates over the passed few years, and continues to do so regularly. Amanda Stefanik shared her experience with us, explaining that a representative from PR Newswire connected with her via LinkedIn, asking if she had any interest in working with them.

“At that time, I didn’t think a sales position was for me, but he encouraged me to come to Cleveland and see what PR Newswire does. I was hesitant, but I checked it out,” she said.

Though there was a significant learning curve, Stefanik found that it met all of her personal requirements that she had for a potential career.  Daily, she works with non-profits, agencies, and corporations editing and creating press releases, ensuring that her background that she received from Ohio University is utilized.

PR Newswire also looks for interns at Ohio University that are passionate, thoughtful, diligent, eager to learn and have experience in the field! Although the internship is unpaid, the experience and knowledge gained is invaluable.

“Interns will have an educational internship, working with our many departments over the 9 week program,” Rumer said.

If interested in applying for an internship, contact Jenni Rumer at

Thank you Jenni and Amanda for your time and words of wisdom this evening!

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