Data and Content Marketing, PRSSA with Mike Whaling of 30 Lines, 3/31 RECAPPED!

By Erin Golden

As March comes to a close, (how did the semester fly by?) our weekly gathering of PR professionals opened with a few announcements:

  • The first and probably most important announcement – PRSSA IS PLAYING KICKBALL! And we’re competing against Ad Club on Wednesday, April 16th at 7 p.m. @ McCracken fields!
  • Also, there’s still time to register for the Regional and PaRtner’s Conference with OSU!


  • If your mom is in town this weekend for Mom’s Weekend, hurry and buy tickets to the Athens County Humane Society’s Woof & Wine event Friday night! Moms, free entertainment, and wine! What could be better?
  • The ScrippsJSchool Instagram account will be holding an Instagram contest in the next couple weeks – keep an eye out for how you can participate!

The member spotlight was Darby Fledderjohn! (@DFledderjohn). She an active member of PRSSA and ImPRessions and has just started doing freelance work for a corporate communications firm. After graduation, she’s going on vacation and then moving to New York! Congratulations and good luck!

Jess Carnprobst had the chance to talk about AVW Productions, our ImPRessions spotlight for the night, who was recognized for AVW Week and the AVW Fair – nice job AVW!

The speaker of the night was Mike Whaling of 30 Lines (@30Lines), a digital marking consultancy that helps businesses integrate their online marketing and build their brand. He has served as a tech advisor to Men’s Health Living Magazine and definitely knows his stuff when it comes to content marketing and data. He shared as much of his knowledge as he could fit into an hour!

Mike explained how he believes that content and social are truly aligned today and how we must use it as an opportunity to spark conversation and create awareness about the brand. Social media is used today to host a lot of this conversation, and Mike showed PRSSA the Conversation Prism and described the many different ways we can share content.

conversation prism

The conversation prism and questions like “What can you give your audience to talk about?” and “What’s the point of your brand and content?” can extend the reach of your brand overall. Mike also stressed that it’s important to reach out to your audience to inspire the content – use their photos or other content to match your blogs or posts. Social media is such an advantage when it comes to audience engagement!

As the hour came to a close, Mike made sure we knew how important it is to have a goal in mind, so that you can use analytics tools like Google Analytics to measure the success of the reach and content. We learned that the average shoppers use an average of 10.7 sources of info to make a buying decision and the Zero Moment of Truth is a real thing – check it out at!

Overall, Mike gave us so much info on content marketing, analyzing data, and brand management. To find out more details from the members of Scripps PRSSA, check out the hashtag #ScrippsPRSSA! Thanks for entertaining and teaching us, Mike.

Until next time, PRSSA’ers!

Mike Santoro from Walker Sands visits Scripps PRSSA, Feb. 4 RECAPPED

By Sarah Rachul

Yesterday, every student at Ohio University let out a collective cheer when they checked their phones and saw a text saying campus was closed until 5 p.m.

Every student, that is, except the members of Scripps PRSSA who had already experienced previous meeting cancellations due to snow. We watched our phones all day, hoping the school would hold out until 6 p.m. They did!

Sadly, last night’s meeting was the first to be held outside our beloved Scripps 111 — hopefully no one got lost on their way to Alden 319! To begin the meeting, we had several announcements for the Scripps Bateman team, Regional Conference at OSU (more details to come, expect an email), Building Brand You (an event today at Schoonover, 7 p.m.), the SIC promotional team (@SIC_OHIOU – EVERYONE FOLLOW) and PR Career Week (Feb. 24-27, 2014 — check out the Facebook page). These are all great events and groups that all fellow PRSSA members should support.

Lindsey Zimmerman was the member spotlight last night because she’s done an amazing job in PRSSA this year (tweet at her: @Lindseyzim716).

Next, we had “Snaps with Ben” (if you don’t know what a snap cup is then you should watch this video. (No, we don’t sing the song at PRSSA, but I think we should.)

Snaps with Ben:

  • Melaina Lewis got some serious snap cup love last night because of her fabulous red dress and economics skills.
  • The Bateman Team and the SIC Team also got major love for the great work they’ve been doing… I’m glad you’ve all noticed (:
  • ImPRessions will be having an internship workshop on Feb. 12th (This was more on an announcement than a snap, but we’ll take it anyway.)

Mike Santoro, the President of Walker Sands, was our PRSSA guest of honor last night. We learned so much from Mike, but what stood out the most originated from a survey run by OK Cupid. That fact was: iPhone users are having twice as much sex as Android users. So there you have it, Android users: the final push you needed to join Team Apple.I know this fact might seem silly but Mike used it to accentuate his point that sometimes you have to be creative when marketing your client. Don’t just give the media facts about your client but rather present them in an interesting and attention-grabbing way. Because Walker Sands specializes in tech and Business to Business (B2B) marketing, there was a lot of talk about math and data last night. I’ll give you a moment to recover from seeing the word “math” in a PR blog… everyone ok? Great, let’s continue. Another of Mike’s biggest tips was to keep in mind three things when working with and creating data for clients: make use of surveys, internal data and third party sources. If you can’t tell, the theme of the night was data, data, data.

If you walk to learn more you should check out all the information on the Walker Sands website and you should probably sign up for a statistics class. We also learned about Walker Sands internships (’tis the season). The “Sandlot” (classic reference, I love them already) offers three positions: classic PR internship, social media internship and a writing internship. All three of those would be great positions for any PRSSA member. They are looking for strong writers, team players, passionate go-getters and social media-holics (so basically everyone in PRSSA). If you wish to apply send your resume and cover letter to (make sure to reference what internship you want in the subject line). Oh, and just in case you weren’t sold already, Walker Sands is located in Chicago. This means a summer filled with amazing pizza, exciting nightlife and many trips to the American Girl store. That’s right, I said the American Girl store — go ahead and judge me!

Well that about sums it up for last night’s meeting. We’ve had some laughs (I hope) but now it’s time to say goodbye. Until next time, PRSSA!