#ScrippsSummerChallenge Week 2 & 3

By Cidnye Weimer

The #ScrippsSummerChallenge is now in full swing!

blogThe challenge for week 2 was to start a blog if you didn’t already have one, and if you did already have one share the benefits of blogging.

VP of Member Relations, Jess Carnprobst, shared some tips on how to start a blog for those that needed some advice and guidance. You don’t have to tell #ScrippsKids twice. Check out some of the awesome blogs members created for the challenge:





For week 3 we took things in another direction and had members download the PRSA ethics app and share what they learned or why it was helpful. Take a look at what some of our members learned:


Lindsey Zimmerman’s tweet even got picked up by PRSA Issues & Trends!

Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 2.27.49 AM


Act Ethically & Carry On

By Kerry Tuttle

Ethics. It may sound like a boring concept that involves stuffy lectures about “making good decisions,” but it is actually quite the opposite. Our ethical principles are the backbone of PR and they set the foundation for our profession. They guide our morals and keep our decision making in check. Ethics is certainly not an ostentatious element of the public relations field and the subject of it rarely makes headlines unless the principles have been violated. However, it is something that we, as students, need to practice now so that when we get into the professional world we are already living and working by the official PRSA Code of Ethics.

As a young professional and student, how can you be ethical? PRSSA’s Progressions recently posted a blog on the subject and provided four basic principles to follow.

  1. Know the PRSA Code of Ethics (Guess what, there’s an app for that!)
  2. Be honest
  3. Protect the free flow of information
  4. Think strategically


September has been dubbed Ethics Awareness Month by the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA). It’s a fantastic reminder that as PR professionals, ethics should always guide our work. PRSSA National hosted a Twitter chat on September 24 regarding the topic. See what your fellow Scrippsters had to say:


It’s important as proud PR professionals to be ethical all twelve months out of the year, not just September. Check out PRSA’s Member Code of Ethics Pledge and stay ethical PR stars!

#ScrippsSummerChallenge Week 2

By: Nicole E. Spears

The Scripps Summer Challenge program was introduced to help Scripps PRSSA members keep in touch, as well as in tune with their PR skills, over the long summer months.

Were you bored this week, Scripps PRSSA? We had an amazing group contribute to this week’s Scripps Summer Challenge, so I’m going to credit either an increase in downtime, or the fact that we introduced a reward for the best participant: an Ohio University journalism tee. (Check out the back–true, no?)

This week’s challenge was to download the PRSA Ethics mobile app and share one thing you learned on twitter. If you don’t have the app yet, I would definitely recommend checking it out! There are plenty of handy things to learn, here’s what our members found out:


tweet 1Thanks to all who took part! Don’t forget to look for next week’s challenge in your inbox tomorrow.

What have you learned from the PRSA Ethics app? Share in the comments below.