Separation anxiety and other #PostGradProblems

By Samantha Tischler

As I sat in the Convocation Center, surrounded by familiar faces from the past four years, it finally felt real. We were graduating.

I wanted to jump up and down. I wanted to burst with excitement about having my whole life ahead of me. But, in reality, it was all I could do not to sob like Kim Kardashian every 20 minutes. How were we supposed to do this? Why did we all have to pack up our lives and leave a place that seemed like it was begging us to stay?

In my four glorious years at Ohio University, I made friends who became family, ate breakfast at Union Street Diner and watched performances at Donkey, Mem Aud and Front Room. I played a million games of euchre. I travelled to Italy, Germany, Chicago and San Francisco. I ate cookie dough out of the tube and stayed up all night with my roommates talking about everything and nothing. I fested and Halloween-ed. I tried to pretend like I appreciated craft beer. I ate Tornado Potatoes (dill-flavored, because obviously), laid out on South Beach and camped in Hocking Hills.

I knew the best coffee, sandwiches, Greek and hotdogs. I knew what to buy at Wal-Mart and what to buy at Kroger. I knew which streets were one-way and which meters were safe from parking tickets. I could walk up Court Street at 3 p.m. or 3 a.m. and be completely at home.

But then the magic ended. We tossed our caps in the air, loaded the U-Hauls and moved on. I spent the next few weeks alternately letting go and putting down roots. I moved to Cleveland where I was offered a job at PR Newswire; a job I never would have found had I not joined PRSSA.

I became a member of PRSSA my sophomore year and never looked back. Not only can I credit almost all of my professional development to this organization, it also gave me some of the greatest friends and memories I could have asked for. PRSSA was and is a family of driven, passionate men and women who share a love for all things PR.

The thing I’ve realized is that PRSSA, Ohio University and Athens gave me everything they had to give. They made me independent, capable and confident. They gave me the tools I needed to be successful in a new career, in a new city, with new people. And really, what more could I ask for?

So yes, all of life’s most fabulous things must come to an end. But when one door closes, another opens. Because of the opportunities OU and PRSSA offered, Cleveland’s door is wide open for me now. I can only hope what’s inside is half as good as what I left behind. 

#ScrippsSummerChallenge Week 7

By Briagenn Adams

As all PR pros know, Twitter is a key tool for quick online communication. The #ScrippsSummerChallenge for week seven was to participate in a Twitter chat and share your contribution with Scripps PRSSA.

Joining in a Twitter chat is a great way to connect with other PR professionals in an informal environment. By participating, you are able to easily share your opinions and skills via the Internet with an immense pool of people with similar interests. Although it may not seem like much, a simple Tweet is enough to catch the attention of potential employers and future co-workers.

Check out how our members connected:




As the summer comes to a close, we are getting closer to revealing the winner of our long-sleeve journalism tee. Keep an eye out for this week’s challenge and remember, just keep Tweeting!

#ScrippsSummerChallenge Week 6 Recap

#ScrippsSummerChallenge Week 6

Week six of #ScrippsSummerChallenge has come and gone! This week’s challenge was to make a connection with a professional and share – on Twitter – how and to whom you reached out.

Unfortunately, this week’s pool of participators was not very full. However, there’s nothing to worry about; it’s never too late to connect. Connecting with professionals via the Internet is a convenient way to form fast relationships. Be it Twitter, LinkedIn, or old-fashioned email, reaching out is never a bad idea.

Follow Jasmine Garcia and Ashleigh Mavros’ example and connect today!



If you’re worried that by reaching out you’ll seem “creepy,” never fear! Check out our recent blog post by Kelly Hayes, “How to easily network with professionals in today’s technological world.”  Kelly has tons of tips and tricks that will aid even the most timid networker.

Get ready for #ScrippsSummerChallenge Week 7 and remember not only do you have the chance to win this long-sleeve journalism tee for participating, but you are increasing professional and personal growth by participating in these challenges!

#ScrippsSummerChallenge Week 5

By Briagenn Adams

We’ve heard it before – in our Scripps PRSSA bootcamp, in our weekly meetings and while networking with professionals; the best way to leave a lasting impression is to send a handwritten thank you card.

Whether it is sent to a past employer or simply a friend, a handwritten thank you card is a nice gesture that will ensure that you are remembered. This week our #ScrippsSummerChallenge was to write a thank you card to a past mentor and vow to keep in touch.


Check out these tweets from our members who participated in #ScrippsSummerChallenge Week 5!



Screen shot 2013-08-05 at 10.17.40 AM


Pretty cool, huh? Manners are always appreciated, especially in the workforce. (And you might even receive donuts in return… Can you say yum?!)

For those of you who haven’t yet participated in #ScrippsSummerChallenge, it’s never too late! For Week 6, make a connection with a PR professional in your favorite city and share your reaction on Twitter. Don’t forget to hashtag #ScrippsSummerChallenge!

Happy Monday!

Five fool-proof tips for building a professional portfolio

By Allison Evans

Internships are excellent opportunities to develop your PR skills through hands-on experience. A resume is a written version of your experience, but a professional portfolio is key to visually displaying your accomplishments. This list of five tips will help you get started on your portfolio:

1. Think about the future: The purpose of a portfolio is to have examples of your work to reference in an interview. Think about what an employer would want to see in a portfolio. This will help you choose pieces to save for this purpose. It is easy to forget about the future when you are immersed in the present, but keeping a futuristic mindset will help you remember how to build a portfolio.

2. Save your work: When something you work on is published, save this for your portfolio. Keep a hard copy and an electronic copy for your records. USB drives are excellent tools to use when saving things electronically because they can be updated and are safe from hard drive crashes. For the hard copy versions of your work, keep everything in a folder. This makes it easy to select pieces specific to an interview or application.

3. Quality and Variety: Select your absolute best work for your portfolio. Portfolios are tools designed for an interviewer to judge your capabilities. Display work that you are proud of, and work that pertains to your interview.

It is becoming apparent that young PR professionals are expected to be versatile. Show your versatility through a variety of portfolio pieces reflecting your knowledge of many areas of PR. For example, displaying 10 press releases but no examples of design is not wise, because it fails to show your versatility.

4. Track as you go: Having media impressions to go with your pieces is an asset. This helps your interviewer clearly see the impact that your work had for the person/company. This helps interviewers envision the impact your work will have if they hire you.

5. Professionally display your work: Whether you hand an interviewer an electronic or hard copy of your portfolio, make sure that it is displayed in an organized, professional manner. Putting it together on InDesign shows professionalism for electronic displays. For hard copy portfolios, having a plastic covering or a binder is excellent for showing your work to employers.

Keeping these tips in mind will help you translate your summer internship into something professional and tangible for your interviewer to reference. Finish up those internships strong with a solid portfolio!

#ScrippsSummerChallenge Week 2

By: Nicole E. Spears

The Scripps Summer Challenge program was introduced to help Scripps PRSSA members keep in touch, as well as in tune with their PR skills, over the long summer months.

Were you bored this week, Scripps PRSSA? We had an amazing group contribute to this week’s Scripps Summer Challenge, so I’m going to credit either an increase in downtime, or the fact that we introduced a reward for the best participant: an Ohio University journalism tee. (Check out the back–true, no?)

This week’s challenge was to download the PRSA Ethics mobile app and share one thing you learned on twitter. If you don’t have the app yet, I would definitely recommend checking it out! There are plenty of handy things to learn, here’s what our members found out:


tweet 1Thanks to all who took part! Don’t forget to look for next week’s challenge in your inbox tomorrow.

What have you learned from the PRSA Ethics app? Share in the comments below.