My Freshman Year Experience: Gentry Bennett

By Gentry Bennett I have a strong belief that no one understands Ohio University until they come here. I too was once someone that wrote off OU as a backup school, and only applied here as such. Little did I know, four months after receiving my acceptance letter to the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism, I … Continue reading My Freshman Year Experience: Gentry Bennett

10 websites that’ll make you a better blogger

By Morgan BorerBefore the age of the Pinterest – a bottomless pit of fashion, food, craft, wedding, home décor and career inspiration -- where did college girls spend hours upon hours in hot pursuit of the perfect chevron canvas? Where did fashionistas go to find the ideal fur vest and plaid button-down combo? Who did … Continue reading 10 websites that’ll make you a better blogger

Act Ethically & Carry On

By Kerry Tuttle Ethics. It may sound like a boring concept that involves stuffy lectures about “making good decisions,” but it is actually quite the opposite. Our ethical principles are the backbone of PR and they set the foundation for our profession. They guide our morals and keep our decision making in check. Ethics is … Continue reading Act Ethically & Carry On

#ScrippsSummerChallenge Week 3

By Briagenn Adams If you thought last week's #ScrippsSummerChallenge was inspiring, you were in for a sweet surprise with week three's task: begin a personal blog. Although fully committing to a personal blog can seem daunting, they are great PR tools. PR is all about communication, and what faster and more efficient means of communication … Continue reading #ScrippsSummerChallenge Week 3

What will you do with your PR degree?

By: Megan Valentine, PRSSA member After obtaining a degree in public relations, one of the biggest challenges graduates face is deciding exactly what they want to do with their education. While graduate school is definitely an option, many feel that they have at least the minimal skills and experience to jump right in. Public relations … Continue reading What will you do with your PR degree?